Helix - Not Paying?

Is anyone else having trouble getting paid by Helix? They owe us affiliate payments dating back to May. I requested payment on August 3. Aaron replied and said he’d send it on to accounting. I have since sent two follow-up requests for payment, and have received no response.

Are you set to be paid by paypal ?
When I switch from wire to paypal, i started getting paid again

Oh god not again!

We’ve been paid by Helix via PayPal for quite a while, so that’s not the problem.

I haven’t received payments from helixcash company in a long time. Last Payment: March 16th, 2022. Although I advertise their sites in the same volume!
The problem with payments began after I changed the payment method from PayPal to Paxum. I had to do this after PayPal closed my account.

I found another PayPal account a long time ago. But now I can’t change my payment details because helixcash doesn’t approve changes to my details. I even wanted to change my account owner. It didn’t help me.
I’ve probably written them over 100 emails. To their support and keith. I sent them emails from different emails of mine. But I never got at least one answer.
I wrote them on their twitter from two of my different twitter accounts.
I even called the phone number indicated on their website. Unfortunately, the answering machine works there, but I left them a message.

I think helixcash decided not to send me payouts. And they do not answer my emails so that I continued to send traffic to their sites in the hope that someday I will receive payment.

I do not know what to do. Helixcash convertibility is one of their best sponsors. But continuing to send traffic to their sites already looks silly.

That’s awful I’m so sorry to hear that. That is basically stealing from you. I don’t understand why you would ever do this to webmasters. It makes me so angry.


I really don’t understand why you’re wasting your time with this program. I understand that their content generates some traffic, but is it worth promoting them, with so many threads about their habit of not paying?


Because it is a good product and they have paid us (with prompting) up until a few months ago.

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Just got paid via Paypal
2022-10-01 Paid 2022-10-30

I think that they will never make a payment to me.
I have already removed all their promos and banners.

Not received International Wire and the account information is not updated, Helix owes me payments from 2021.

We have suspended promotion of Helix until such a time as they decide to pay the money owed to us.