Contact for Helix Cash?

I need to get in touch with Helix Cash, I’ve not been getting payments. I emailed them over a week ago, but no reply from the webmaster (a) address that’s in the affiliate area. Anyone got another contact?

Re: Contact for Helix Cash?

Here is an AVN article that includes an email for Justin Parker, who also manges the affiliate program for Helix Studios.

Re: Contact for Helix Cash?

Emailed you his contact details. He / They are notoriously difficult to get hold of. But they do pay me and never owed anything… Not sure if its ever on time though…

Hey there, I was about to ask this same question but see it was asked 13 years ago. Not sure what the current forum rules are about bumping a topic this old or starting a new one. Guess I’ll try the bump first and see if anyone has a contact email for Helix that works in 2022.

Also, I saw from past posts that some of you have had payment problems from Helix so wondering if that is still happening.

This thread is continuing to get bumped and that is ok because they really are a pain in the ass when it comes to getting paid.

They do pay but it depends on what type of payment you have setup. They are sometimes behind with payments too. However many sponsor are. For me Helix is ok, I don’t have any problems getting paid. The ones I really have a big problem with is Cocky Boys / Big Bling.

So do you guys have a contact person/email for Helix? Or is it a lost cause?

Same with BigBlings. Carol do responds, but can’t help getting paid.