Helixcash doesn't pay me never responds to support requests

For 6 months now Helixcash has no paid me my balance. It all started when they began requiring a W9. I immediately summitted my W9 at their request and have repeatedly re-submitted it. But now for 6 months when logging into HELIXCASH nats the same yellow notification appears every time saying i need to fill out my W9 lol.

Today I noticed the notification has finally disappeared but I will not know if I am getting paid yet until next official pay date passes.

ANYONE ELSE BEEN HAVING THESE TROUBLES? I always loved Helix and I have so much stuff out there just making me money 24.7 turn key and so it would be a shame for me if it went sour.

When they did some company changes a few months ago there was delays in payments but eventually they did pay.