Helixcash doesn't pay me never responds to support requests

For 6 months now Helixcash has no paid me my balance. It all started when they began requiring a W9. I immediately summitted my W9 at their request and have repeatedly re-submitted it. But now for 6 months when logging into HELIXCASH nats the same yellow notification appears every time saying i need to fill out my W9 lol.

Today I noticed the notification has finally disappeared but I will not know if I am getting paid yet until next official pay date passes.

ANYONE ELSE BEEN HAVING THESE TROUBLES? I always loved Helix and I have so much stuff out there just making me money 24.7 turn key and so it would be a shame for me if it went sour.

When they did some company changes a few months ago there was delays in payments but eventually they did pay.

What is your payment method? I used to have Paxum as mine and the similar thing happened as you … mounting balance and unreplied emails. I heard they had had problems with Paxum, so I changed my payment option to Paypal and within a couple of pay cycles a payment showed up. They continue to pay like clockwork.

I was finally paid at the end of October after 8 months of not getting paid. Not sure what happened but I hope it continues.

Why is it, that the non-payment Posts are popping up more frequently right now?

To be fair, Helix Cash does pay it just depends on payment type which has caused issues and not always on time. I don’t think it’s much worse now than before though, there’s always some company that’s either got problems or go off line every year.


What payment type did you get paid with?

I’m waiting for them to pay me since June. I currently have international wire transfer selected. I did switch to PayPal like two weeks ago but it needs to be approved by an admin which still didn’t happen…

Also did you ever hear back from support? I’ve been trying to reach them for months with different email addresses and the support ticket system both on HelixCash and the Helix Studios website but got nothing but radio silence.

My payment type is Paypal. No, I never heard back from support for my many requests sent out. I just logged in one day and found the notice for my w9 was gone and then on the next payday the money was in my Paypal. I would wait until next payday to see if you get paid now that you hanged payment methods.

Anyone got paid the last few months ?

I have tried ICQ, Skype, emails, support tickets. No reply.

Last Payment:June 29th, 2021

Same for me, got paid last the same day as you, no replies from support on any channel. It’s getting worrisome.

Last payment I had was on 30th Oct (paypal)

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I hope they’re “just” having some administrative issues and that this isn’t a sign of general financial trouble for them. The fact that they apparently collectively decided that they don’t need to bother with support anymore is troublesome tho.

2021-07-16 [Pending] $591.48 International Wire :frowning:

We got paid from them Oct 30th as well. Via Check.

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Have send messages and mails again. Lets see what happens

Caught Keith on skype. He asked me to switch payout to Paypal and then he will handle it this weekend :slight_smile:

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glad you got hold of him

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Last Payment: December 7th, 2021 :slight_smile: … sadly had to pay over 100$ in paypal fees . but HelixCash does pay

Glad you got it. Yes, the Paypal fee is the big downside.

I am waiting for payment in Paxum for the period 2021-09-16 - 2021-09-30, who has received payments from them in Paxum for the last months?