What's happened to HelixCash?

I haven’t received a payment from HelixCash for more than three months. They don’t respond to my emails.
Previously, there were no such problems. Timely payments. Always answered my email.

Such a problem for everyone or only for me?

Same here, I just contacted them. This is after I had to remove all promo content for them on their request. I’m disappointed that as an affiliate I follow every direction they give however crazy they are and don’t get paid.

I think I understand what the problem is.
After their competitor, Staxus, dropped out of the race, Helix became a monopoly in the Twinx niche. Now they do whatever they want.

Helix has been inconsistent with payment since long long time ago. At least in the past they used to reply and eventually pay out the balance.

Hopefully they get it together for you all. I’m always for more options for production and options for affiliates to push. It makes porn overall better imo.

But there are other good twink sites besides those two. Our site. French Twinks. Carnal has some good sites. Southern Strokes. If they don’t want your traffic and sales, find partners that do.


They were quite consistent with my payouts until now actually.

Helix has all-american models (mostly), and that’s rare. Especially for twink-only niche.

It’s interesting you just posted this, because I emailed them a couple of days ago asking about when my last affiliate payment would be made, which is the first time I have ever had to ask them about a payment in over ten years. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary situation and I thought they might have just forgotten about my last payment, but this is sounding like it might be a bigger issue. I also noticed that their scene descriptions are no longer as good as they used to be (now they are just one or two sentences) and I also stopped receiving promotional mailers from them a couple of months ago, so now I have to log in to retrieve promotional material. I have my fingers crossed that things will be back to normal soon, but it does sound a little worrisome based on the above.

Yeah, something is going on. What I don’t understand with a big brand like Helix Cash is how they are not making money, it really must be coming down to bad management of money and budgeting. They are obviously using money before they earn it which leads to cash flow problems. I know they do make money, after all we all sell a lot of for them.

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Models are expensive. Sets and props are expensive as well. Equipment and camera-men (many) are dramatically expensive.

You would be amazed how little is the margin without:

  1. a massive amount of traffic;
  2. doing tricks (cross sells, low cost spin off sites, etc)

So the fact they have financial issues don’t surprise me at all.

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And this year DVD sales are down with the stores closed. VOD is not bad, but DVD still made up a decent market of the profit margins for titles. Take away options such as PH Premium and their revenues, and that was another big hit the past 6 months for the extra revenues needed. People still join member sites, but that market is small with all the free tube sites out there and piracy. Member site profit margins are not huge, especially if you don’t have your own big source of in house traffic.

There is a reason the big boys such as MG and Gamma have been buying up so many sites. The mid to smaller companies don’t have the in house traffic or member levels to take the reduction in paying members, and outside revenue declines.

My affilaites get paid before I do that is the way it should be…


Mark … I have few certain things in my life … beside death… is being paid on time by IntenseCash

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100% correct.

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Can anyone name a producer that starting missing affiliate payments but then recovered and got back to financial health??

Chad, there’s a point where affiliates become a liability. Mostly if you’ve done PPS for years.

You have plenty of rebilling customers with acquisition cost (payout to affiliates) already paid. You have plenty of ex customers to bang with marketing emails. You have your own streams to collect leads. Why wasting your money to pay for a liability?

According to Alexa stats, both Staxus and Helixstudio dropped a lot after they pushed new affiliate rules.
It does not tell anything about sells and rebills, but, well… looks more like repercussions.

Yes, I bet it’s a huge loss of traffic to both due to the changes they made.

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I got paid today actually.

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I also received my outstanding payment from HelixCash today (via PayPal), so I’m really happy and I hope everyone else who had outstanding payments received theirs as well. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, this was the first time in over ten years I have ever had to contact HelixCash asking about an outstanding payment. Hopefully whatever happened recently was only a temporary issue, as I do admire HelixCash, with their payments (in my case) always being paid in a timely manner, apart from this one time and the quality of their content is top notch too.

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