WilliamHiggins pays?

Hi Guys!

Just wondering if anyone knows.
WilliamHiggins (nats.williamhiggins.com) pays?
They don’t reply to support tickets.

They do pay, i think its now at the end of the of month, used to be beginning of the month. NATS support tickets hardly ever work on any affiliate programs. Try contact them at: [email protected]

They have always paid but awhile back started requiring affiliates to invoice them in order to get paid. You send your invoice to [email protected]. Be prepared to wait 30 before getting paid.

For some reason they asked me to change some of the wording on my last invoice. This request came 30 days after I sent the invoice. No idea why seeing as it was the same invoice I’ve been using with them for a long time. The thing that annoys me is they are making me wait another 30 days before paying me. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming cause they still haven’t paid me and we are coming up on two months now since I invoiced them.

I’ve had hit or miss luck when it comes to getting responses from them. If you do be prepared to wait.


thanks for your response

Hello! do they pay in 2021? i’m waiting for a payment since November 2020 …

They pay but, it’s a nightmare getting it…

Again, I’ve been invoicing for months waiting to get paid… Eventually they will but who knows when. It’s the same old over and over… They pay when they feel like it.

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Same thing here. Multiple emails once again and no response. So frustrating!!!

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They still have a good few hundred $'s they owed me. They demanded an invoice, then that invoice wasn’t accepted and I needed to make changes, then they wouldn’t be direct about the changes they wanted…

Trying to get a straight answer out of them is almost impossible.

I didn’t have time to stop everything to write another damn invoice a year later, then argue about it again when they conveniently discover another reason to delay, so they’ve effectively bilked me out of that money.

I stopped promoting them entirely, but I do still have clients who promote them. It’s good content, but my clients know that they might have to fight and argue to get the money they’re owed.

There’s no reason for the obstacles they put in the way of paying the people they owe. We’ve seen this from other companies before and we know what it usually means.

I took down their links. Creating an invoice for payment is ridiculous enough but chasing money is unacceptable. This is not a good sign.

They just sent an email that they are closing http://williamhigginscash.com/
But I still have 205 USD there. They don’t answer on any inquiry emails.
It’s seems money are lost…

Yes the sites are merged into their main program instead. I’ve been getting paid however getting in contact is sporadic.

Yes they paid on their main programm, but never on this.
About month ago I saw that check was created, but then again not set. I think new owners just want to get rid of financial obligations on that programm

What is their “main program”? I thought it was WilliamHigginsCash?

nats dot williamhiggins dot com

I decided to remove all links to any of WH sites. Lets them save 200 bucks and lose 200 000…
We shall probably see that during this year all their sites will die…

I don’t think anyone has a choice but to remove links. Add the fact that you had to invoice them and it had to be perfect to get paid was ridiculous.

They did not ask for invoice for Paxum payment on their main program and paid irregularly . As I told problem is that they decided not to payout on their secondary program. And now finally they got they had to get.

They also owed me several hundred dollars. I had emailed several times, but no reply. I emailed them this morning informing them I would be taking debt recovery action if payment was not received, bingo…just paid in full!

williamhigginscash.com is not reachable any more and money not paid.
It is good idea to start legal action against wh site owner

You were correct. I sent warning email and got money immediately :slight_smile: