William Higgins Contact Help?

I’ve tried and tried to get a hold of them but no response. Any suggestions?

The contact I use is simply [email protected]

I’ll try again but it has been a month trying to get a hold of them.

Sorry, yes I know others are having problems getting hold of them sometimes.

I send emails to [email protected] , i send them over and over and eventually get a response. It can take quite a while now, but I did eventually get paid. It’s extra frustrating when you are waiting to hear back, but the only thing you keep getting from them are site updates. Obviously you are sending out emails, how bout you reply to ours. Good luck.

Good Luck!!

They have always been difficult to contact and slow to get payments from.

I’ve been trying to get paid by them since March. Since then I’ve been in touch with Karel numerous times about payment and each time I’m pretty much told it’s coming soon. The last contact I had with them was on May 5th when they told me “it will be settled I am sure within next few weeks and we apologize for delay”… Still no payment and on top of that no further replies from Karel.

I’ve removed my links at this point. I can’t keep sending traffic without getting paid. I haven’t been paid for any sales I’ve generated for them since December which is significant.

Hope everyone else has better luck than I. It’s a shame…

Honestly, to get paid you have to send them an invoice and pray to the Paxum gods.
We get paid irregularly, probably about 6 months behind and I have to initiate each discussion and then I usually get a response questioning our coverage LOL.
Meh. As I was saying to someone the other day, viable sites are disappearing and getting paid by the ones left is getting more challenging. It’s a good thing we branched out when we did.

It shouldn’t be this hard period… :bang:

No luck I’m not sure what else to do.

If you’re trying to contact them for payment, i’d suggest pulling links as I did awhile back. I’m gonna continue sending invoices and hope they come through but at this point I’m not going to continue sending them any more traffic.

I have no additional information to offer in regards to how to get someone from William Higgins to reply but I would like to update the post to reflect that today I did received partial payment for what I’m owed. Only took 4 months of nagging. I’ve submitted a new invoice for the remaining balance and re-enabled my outbound links in the interim.


On a related note I’ve been wondering who is running things there now that Higgins has passed. Was he grooming someone to take over the “factory”, a la Willy Wonka?

Any update on this issue?

Non on my end… I invoiced them on July 9th for the remainder of what I’m due. It usually takes them 30 days to pay so I’m waiting to see…

Back when Bill was still alive he gave me “[email protected]”. It has worked for us every time we submit an invoice. I submitted an invoice early this morning and after reviewing our email server logs I confirmed it was successfully received by their mail server and delivered to that email account. I’ll keep you all updated on payment status.

I finally got paid but it should be way easier :bang:

I’m waiting for a payment now. Waiting and waiting, not getting any reply. Sending the required invoice, which no other program requires, but if I finally get paid it’s worth it, but starting to keep track of the time spent on trying to get paid from them and wondering if it’s really worth giving them any attention and traffic from my work. Sad to see an iconic site like this to get off track.

Good luck. I removed their links over a month ago for the second time… Still haven’t received payment after sending multiple invoices. Not looking promising.