Who Paid Me? CustomerCareCorp

I received a check from a company called “Customer Care Corp.” The only other reference on the check is that they use “KS Bank” and are based in Las Vegas. Does anyone have any idea who this could be?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds familiar but I can’t find any reference to it when searching my emails.

Yeah I couldn’t find anything either, though it seems like I get a check from them randomly like once or twice a year. I was thinking it could be “Adult Friend Finder” who I used to promote ages ago, though I’m not seeing anything on the check that matches their info.

could be, i dont promote them so wouldnt have seen them.

“Customer Care Corp” are checks for Stunner Media Properties… Usually on the stub attached to the check is a reference as to which program of theirs the check belongs to.

THAT’S IT! Thank you so much. I didn’t know about the paystub since I use an Accountant to deposit (and send) our checks.

I’ve added the name to: Who Paid Me - List of Companies and Names