What happened with FraternityX and Sketchysex?

It seems they stopped with the updates several months ago. I don’t see new content updates for these sites in Malerevenue mailers.

Although these sites kinda lost some steam over time and especially when the pandemic hit, I am not sure if it was wise to stop updating them. These 2 sites are still my best sellers from Malerevenue.

They moved to DarkHall dot com some months ago.

Also, FraternityX changed it’s name some time ago too, it is now BreederBros

Interesting, I didn’t know that. But yesterday I got a new sale for FraternityX on Malerevenue… what gives?

Also, if I follow old Malerevenue linking code it leads to their version of FratX which is still operational, and their “affiliate webmasters” link still goes to Malerevenue. So do these sites exist in two versions?

Are Darkhall dot com the same people as Malerevenue or a different company?

Can’t help answer those … but Dark Hall is owned by Jeremy Hall. He used to run Club Jeremy Hall, and a couple of other sites I can’t remember just now, thru JockBucks about 10 to 15 or so years ago. In the email he sent out in April he said he always owned the FraternityX etc content, but I can’t remember if he said why it was being moved away from MaleRevenue to DarkHall.

I don’t get it why change the name?

There is an earlier thread that addresses the names issue back in April … Male Revenue -> Dark Hall

Sorry for the confusion guys. We are going through a bit of a transition right now as we move facedownassup (formerly slamrush) and sketchysex, and fratx (formerly fraternityx) into their own separate program called darkhall.com. Facedownassup and Sketchysex have already been moved and fratx should be moved within the next 2 weeks.

But whether you are using original MaleRevenue links for slamrush, fraternityx, fratx, sketchysex, or facedownassup, or new links from Darkhall redirects are in place so you will receive credit for any/all sales.

Again sorry for the confusion and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.