Male Revenue -> Dark Hall

I’m assuming most of you have gotten the email that some sites are moving away from Male Revenue to a new sponsor - Dark Hall.

The site that confuses me is Fraternity X. If I remember correctly was redirecting to To me Fraternity X was the better branding, so I never did understand that. But now is redirecting to Thing is FratX (a Male Revenue site) is still up and looks almost identical to BreederBros (a Dark Hall site) - just different headers on the two sites. Does anyone know - is the content on both sites identical? Is either one currently updating?

I’m guessing the redirect to FratX was due to some sort of dispute between the producer and Male Revenue where the producer owned/controlled the domain but Male Revenue was licensed to use the content, hence FratX. I’m guessing further that things festered until the producer left Male Revenue, but the use of the Fraternity X brand must be contested somehow, so even though the producer owns (or controls) the domain, they started Breeder Bros instead of reviving Fraternity X.

As far as I know, there is no difference in the ownership of MaleRevenue and DarkHall. They are the same people. They just had serious problems with MasterCard or Visa, I don’t remember exactly, because of the content of FraternityX and Slamrush. At the time, they didn’t explain what the problem was in detail and just changed their domains. I guess this new step is related to it in some way. I can’t be sure about the content of FratX, but I don’t think it should be different from the one uploaded on BreederBros.

Slamrush has a drug use scenes in it’s videos and it’s kinda “forced” sex there, so maybe that’s the reason.

Yes, that’s my understanding as well. It’s due to credit card processing. They needed to move those sites off to a separate program. FratX will stop working eventually and there will only be Breeder Bros.

Glad I asked since I clearly had the context all wrong.

How much of SlamRush’s content is on FaceDownAssUp?

Not sure, but I think its exactly the same site just different name.