New website New here looking for long terms partnerships

Hi all I’m Stephen I run gaymeetnow

Currently my site has no traffic I am looking for all types of cooperation and it’s great to be on a site dedicated to the gay niche.

Although I have no traffic I do have a Facebook group now with 4.600 members and growing.

The intention of this Facebook group is to get paid subscribers onto my site on a recurring basis.
I have been accepted by ccbill and successfully went through compliance.

I am looking for link exchanges , and I may sell some posts on my Facebook group to gain some more startup funds.

I am also aware we could get affiliates to signup under my ccbill account .
Skype: [email protected]

Hi, Welcome!

Sorry I had to remove the details about email list. It’s not something you can advertise here, selling email databases is only possible with the consent of every user on the list, at least in the EU.

I’m curious about your site,, how do you intend to compete with major apps like Scruff, Grindr, Planet Romeo etc? Do you have an app?

By the way you might want to check that you’re conforming with EU / UK data protection and GDPR regulations especially if you’re storing a lot user data:

Hey Admin

Thanks for the feedback and valuable information.

I am still in the planning stage and I may not even use an app I plan to go down the Same region as squirt. using paid adds.

I had a site before with 500k members about 10 years back using an invite friend feature I might add that to the site also.

Nice to meet you and any further advice is greatly appreciated thank you .

I know I am very. Wet long way off but I hope with a lot of work and determination I can be successfull

Also guys anyone that wants to do link exchanges please hit me up.

P.s admin can you recommend any good dating affiliate programs so I can raise some capital from my gay Facebook gay group .

Thanks so much!


You posted about a dating program here, as mentioned there unfortunately I don’t know any good dating program. It just doesn’t sell for me: