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Hey guys, hope your all well
Can anyone recommend any trustworthy dating affiliate programs that do not skim have small minimal s and can offer a great PPL rate or high PPS, datronix seems to no longer be running thanks and have a great weekend!

Unfortunately I don’t know any dating site that sells, I’ve tried a few in the past but it never works out. There’s however more opportunities for sales on web cam sites.

I agree. We’ve tried to find a good partner on this, that not only sells, but actually has some real profiles so as not to scam our members with a deal just to sell. And so far we’ve found nothing that sells and does that. Good luck finding it, as I hope you do!

Hey all thanks for the responses I see squirt is heavily successful over 25 million members per month, however it does not have an affiliate program.

I hope for the same quantity one day!

Regarding affiliating sexsearch does have a site with pps etc , however I noticed there site is not mobile friendly I’ll hit them up and see if they will make the site mobile friendly I can remember years back they used to do a good 100 pps rate !
If they do adapt to mobile friendly I’ll send this back.

There certainly does seem to be a market for gay dating (probably more so on the casual hookup side should I say )

I’ll message when I hear back thanks!

Also can you clarify what you mean by it doesn’t sell I’m confused as you say scruff gay Romeo squirt all have huge audiences are you meaning it doesn’t sell on your porn site.

Those Apps you can’t promote or earn anything from. There’s very few dating sites that offer affiliate programs and the ones that do don’t sell or convert. And when they do sell what you get is very low. Why would I promote a dating site and get $2 for a sale when I get $15-20 from a paysite or webcam site?

The dating market has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. It’s all apps now and if you don’t have an app it just won’t be successful. Even if you do have a great app due to the dominance of a few existing companies there’s just no chance of being successful. Personally, I would not bother even trying to start a dating site now. The only possible way would be finding a niche and create a community around it.

You always have to ask yourself why would you or anyone use your site and not the competition? So looking at your case, what do you offer that the competition doesn’t? More users? No. A great app? No. More functionality? No. So why would people come to you? Be very critical and think about it.

Dating Apps today , especially gay ones offer a way too hook-up instantly. Meaning people can easily find guys based on location and communicate with them and thousands of men close to them. Try one yourself and compare to what you offer.

It’s great that you have a Facebook group or email list but it doesn’t mean anything unless you have a product that works better than what’s already available.

At one time we did well with Adult Friend Finder, that is the only dating program that we used to get checks from on a continuing basis. These days it seems harder to get people to pay a subscription for a dating site, especially with all the free apps like Grindr, Scruff etc. I think you’d have to offer something very niche or special.

Got to agree here… as far as dating market is concerned, an app is NEEDED… Although not a dating site specifically we trailed a Adult only social network, and not being able to have an app approved for it was the death of it sadly. With dating these days the guys just use facebook/instagram to meet each other or use the current scruff/grindr alike apps… In fact most of my younger gay friends and the models at our studio use tinder and facebook almost exclusively for dating these days… its a tough cookie to crack verses what it was 10 years ago.

There are some affiliate dating offers at CrakRevenue you can try, but its not the best converter for gay traffic and your looking at $1 PPS (or around that mark)… and in my personal opinion the conversion funnel just looks and feels scammy…

Hi guys and thanks for the very valuable feedback, so what would you recommend a site similar to ?

I guess I would make money from guys that buy through the affiliate link of the teaser videos. ( for example
Of the guys like the video and want to buy a subscript on that particular site)

I also see half there traffic no’s search so I guess higher a specialist gay seo provider would this be better.

Thanks a lot

Hey gaydemon

Thanks for your valuable feedback what I would like to ask then is do you have an affiliate program that will work well on my Facebook group I would use these funds in the interim to start building my porn site which would be all free and I would get sales from the users through the many teaser trail video affiliate links is this a good approach? If so can you recommend a good seo specialist, do you have content?

I guess I can’t have a paid access site unless it’s a white label but even then I wouldn’t get recurrings as much as my own porn site

You won’t be able to promote or link to any adult site from Facebook, all such links are automatically blocked and should you manage to get a link to work they will eventually delete your group, it’s happened many times.

Affiliate marketing can be profitable but it’s a lot of work and you will find it hard to build up traffic. Using trailers and previews is a tried and tested approach but you will need to host them yourself and would be competing with some major sites.

SEO agencies can help but it’s expensive, for example you would probably need to spend $1000+ per month to get anything out of it. That’s a big cost to cover through a new site doing affiliate marketing.

It really comes back to what can you offer what others do not. What makes your site special and draw visitors back to you? Retention and bookmakers are very important. But if you have a good product it can be very successful.

I’m sorry to be negative but it’s better to be aware of the reality behind adult businesses.

Thanks gaydemon for all the information I assume is yours great site !

So my USP will simply be to review the best videos sites etc and place them up on a daily and weekly basis with seo and link exchanges , I know this will take many many years but i am
Completely willing to put the work in. I may actually go more for a niche or a specific affiliate area such as straight guys seduced and similar sites I know a lot of gay guys like myself like straight men would that work as a niche and keep the audiences coming back I have seen some of the best seduced videos out there I agree it has to be a niche so my niche would be
Guys seduced by straight any feedback would be greatly appreciated I think a you say it’s pointless going In for all areas I see your site does that but it would take an incredible amount of time I’m outnumbered and more likely to succeed with this niche so you agree?

Thanks so much ( I

For example beefcakehunter would be. Great partner to start with I value your feed back is this niche etc worth while

So basically the idea would be to hunt the internet first for all affiliate programs that have straight seduced videos , on top of that also where real straight guys play a dominant role…

I could have top rated videos on the top etc the niche seems pretty small so I am a little pessimistic .

However I don’t know a site where all these videos are put together maybe I have spotted a gap here .I think this could cause retention

Once more successful I guess I could make my own content down the line.

I myself search different types for this niche could I have your honest option guys would this work?

Also adding to the equation an emphasis on book marking

And sorry for asking for
So much advice your advice has saved me a lot of time and money and I am truly appreciative.

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Well… what you’re describing is something that’s been done since affiliate marketing first started. You find a niche and promote it using content from sponsors that match it. It’s tried and tested, it works. However its a bit late to start now, it used to be very easy to build traffic but it’s become harder and harder. It’s now dominated by a few big players.

What you are suggesting is fine and something that can work but you need to build it on top of an idea, a service that offer something more than others do. Why would someone go to your site offering exactly the same thing as many other large sites do (even taking into account the niche you choosen)? How can you make your site stand out? You mentioned you have a facebook group, is that built around a theme? Are people interacting and posting on the group? Having an active community that posts, comments and contributes would for example be something that others might not have.

Take a look at some popular sites, why do people use them? In my case with it’s not the promo content and free videos that is unique or built up the brand. GayDemon is known as something you can trust when you want to find out about sites (reviews) and it’s got a big community of very loyal authors and readers that keep coming back (stories). The rest is just fluff or advertising.

Or take a site like, its hugely popular because it’s got an active community of guys who submit selfies, very very hot guys… and their fans who interact with each other. A true amateur community.

And there’s blogs like who’s known for their blog posts, pushing out out lots of great posts on a daily basis but they also cornered the market by focusing on an Asian audience.

If you really want to be successful you have to have a great idea that will attract visitors.

Thanks so much for your response it’s truely appreciated.

I have just made a group specifically for gay guys that find straight gays attractive.

Other than the niche I have thought about this and the USP is that I live in university town with over 50k student lots of hot straight guys ,ironically it’s.” a very popular Sports town so lots of hot guys going to the gym…and keeping fit ,
So the emphases will be on me daily making posts with my phone of guys hanging out having a drink etc , also I have encouraged members to share these posts… feedback would be most appreciated .

I hope this idea build a foundation on the niche I’m trying to target.

As you suggested I want users to keep coming back for the hot spotted studs full of …endorphins:)

Your feedback is very important to me

Thanks alot

I think it’s a good theme especially considering you have a group around that theme. However, I won’t even go into the legality of posting photos of random guys without their consent. That’s something you will have to look into yourself.

Hi gaydemon thanks again for your advice I have already started my focused gay group on gay guys that like straight guys.

As you mentioned Facebook does not allow you to post to adult sites ,as an alternative I’m thinking about setting up a link which will allow the users to enter basic info such as name email so that down the line I can email those members to my site, what do you think on this.

Thanks alot

Btw I do have access to a very sold gay list 100k fresh per month I don’t have the funds to purchase it I’m wondering if we could collaborate on it somehow thanks for your time

My Skype is

[email protected]

As I tried to tell you before, buying and selling email lists is not a good idea. Sending out unsolicited emails is now illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble.