BigBling payments

Hey guys,

Do you receive payments from BigBling, are they OK now?
My last payment was set to “Paid” status 3 weeks ago, but nothing here yet.

They did pay me in Dec however that was after not paying for several months and only after I hassled them for payment. Sadly they simply do not pay out on time or without you asking them.

As Bjorn said…

I just got paid but had to ask twice…

Thank you!

What e-mail do you use to get in touch with them? I used internal NATS system, and it does not work for m yet :-\

I use “carol [at]


Just found this one:

2022-09-01 [Pending] $467.10 Paypal

Gonna try that Carol email . thanks

We were chatting but then she dropped so I will email her again thanks

Let me know if you are able to make contact? I’ve tried twice now in the last week with no luck…

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I last emailed Davyd Dixon in November asking who will be making the payments. That’s after being told he’s managing them and Carol saying it’s been sold. But no payments received… they have no problem sending out affiliate newsletters though.

I was in touch with Davyd back in November via email about all the Live Video Ads (leaks) on the Randy Blue Tour. We went back and forth a couple times.

I then noticed what looked liked some strange linking issues. I brought this to his attention and have since not heard anything more from him. I have emailed him multiple times but haven’t heard anything.

If you dive farther into the site the join links have a different NATS code than your original affiliate NATS code. Follow your NATS link. Then click on any video on the tour… On that page look at the URL for the join links. The NATS code isn’t the same.

I’m getting sales… I just don’t know if I’m getting all the sales I should be hence the follow up question which has unfortunately gone unanswered.


Randy Blue seems to be selling ok for me, good ratios too. So not looked closer at it.

It’s just a shame that such big brands/sites are impossible to deal with. DavyD seems to have disappeared again which means we can’t get hold of anyone at those sites.

Still no reply :slight_smile: tried via Nats as well

I haven’t heard anything either…

I just submitted a ticket in their ticketing system designed for Cocky Boys customers to see if maybe they could forward my inquiry to the appropriate party seeing as Carol and Davyd seem to be no longer responsive to these issues.

I also supplied a link to this thread.


Sucks same here she did respond last month but now nothing. :frowning:

same, still no reply. nothing. yet they continue to send out promo content to affiliates, somewhat ironic.

So no one has heard anything at all from Big Bling and no one is getting paid?

Such a waste. Such a great site with great content.

Nope. I’ve heard nothing.

I even sent a private DM to Jake Jaxson on twitter and never heard back.

I also sent another email on the 6th to a whole slew of old contacts I had ( ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]) hoping someone would answer but nothing… Not even an bounced message.

I also never heard back from the ticket I submitted, 7 days ago, for their normal website customers.

Today I just submitted a ticket in Big Blink but if what’s past is prologue that will go unanswered as well.

I was going to inquire here as to how everyone is going to handle this? Maybe if we all pull links to Cocky Boys and Randy Blue at the same time they will wake up?

At this point in addition to a past due Cocky Boys payment I should be getting a Randy Blue payment as well but I’m not feeling so confident that is going to happen.

Back in November I received an email from Davyd confirming he approved my Randy Blue affiliate account. In that email he said the following:

In addition to my clients CockyBoys, BelAmi, Falcon I NakedSword, and VS Media, I’m also heading up RandyBlue now and will be incorporating them into a brand new affiliate network launching next year!

Should we maybe reach out to BelAmi, Falcon/Naked Sword or VS Media to see if they can get someones attention to this matter? BelAmi is active on this board but I’m not sure about the others.


Literally minutes after posting the above post I received an email from Davyd.

I have responded to his email will update when I get a reply.


So, you haven’t pulled their links, you keep promoting them, but they still haven’t paid you… It sounds logical. :crazy_face:

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