Anyone have a working contact for William Higgins?

I feel like this is something that comes up a lot here but does anyone have a working email contact for William Higgins?

They are not replying to NATS messages and the two email addresses I have tried (revshare@ and sales@) are also unanswered.


The only one I’ve been using is: [email protected]

I have been receiving an automated email from [email protected] every week for over a year. I’ve responded to that email multiple times in order to address the question posed by the email and not one single response. If anyone has another email that does work, could you please post it here? Once Bill passed away it has been next to impossible to reach anyone there.

They stopped paying affiliates and therefore also don’t reply to messages anymore.

Yeah I gave up on them long ago. :frowning:

We are now looking at taking legal action against William Higgins for failure to comply to contractual agreements.

Anyone who would like to join in this legal endeavor, please let me know via DM, perhaps the threat of this might move them to actually pay us.


I’ll join I’m sick of this shit

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I’ll hopefully have a meeting with a legal representative next week, we’ll go over the basics and see what chances there are of getting somewhere with it. It could be tricky/expensive considering the cross-border issue but I want to try nonetheless.

Oh, they also have a Twitter account you can DM, seems to be active - @WilliamHiggins

We’ve sent them a message warning of potential legal action. If you’re owed money try messaging them?


Conran, I DM’d you the other day. I also just sent them a message on Twitter as you suggested…

It also seems that William Higgins dose pay certain affiliates… I see many of the bigger affiliate blogs still pushing their content. One would assume they are getting paid? Of course that’s just an assumption… I don’t have any factual information to that matter but seeing as I haven’t been paid in over a year one would think if the same was true for those other affiliates they would have caught on by now?


I was getting paid up until this year. But so far nothing and no response. They did reply previously but my last attempt at contacting them has not had any reply.

I’m trying to refocus away from promoting a diverse mix of sponsors to instead focusing on the ones that I know always pay on time. There’s just too many now that I have to chase and just dont know if I will ever get paid. Even if they have good ratios, those ratios means nothing if they don’t actually pay. It’s hard though, I hate seeing diversity go out of the window and just do a few larger sponsors.

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One of our scouts sends models that we decide not to go with over to Higgins, so I can ask if they have a contact, but I would guess they only have a contact for the production team. Since Bill died I don’t really know anyone there anymore


On April 4th I fired off a DM to them on Twitter as Conran suggested and the next day I received a response from the person who runs their social media feed on Twitter via email.

At that time I didn’t bother posting anything here because nothing had changed really. I still hadn’t been paid.

Here was his email to me:

Hi Kevin,

I read your twitter message and Iam sorry for your payment problem.

I take care just of social network but I will do my best to solve your problem.

Give me please your affiliate name, if you would know anybody else, who has same problem, give him my contact.

I will get in touch with the owner and Iam sure he will sort it out with the people in charge.

Best regards,


Here is his email address: Paul Gregory p73gregory [AT]

I supplied him with the information he requested and a little over a week later surprise surprise William Higgins just paid me via PayPal. I hadn’t been paid in over a year and they paid me all the way up through January 31st of this year.

I haven’t spoke to anyone from William Higgins and I’d hate to keep bothering their social media guy but at this point I guess it’s all we can do until we have some other contact information that is replied to.

The PayPal payment came from:

P.R.P. Services
[email protected]

Which is where it has always comes from so nothing changed there. Still not sure why they went dark for so long.

Not sure if BelAmi ever reach out to them or not?? If they did maybe that helped as well as the DM’s?

Hope that helps you guys.


Thanks Kevin for this info. I emailed Petr last night about my long overdue payment and he just replied to say he will arrange to get it paid next week.

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Thank you Kevin!
We’re emailing him now, hopefully we can finally get this resolved.


Thank you very much Kevin. Appreciate the info.

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Thank you for information. Lets hope now we shall get our money…

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My long overdue affiliate payment just arrived via PayPal, thanks again Kevin.


Sounds like they are getting their act in order.


I’m glad things are moving in the right direction.
We did hear back from Petr, but so far nothing else. No payment, no reply in NATS, no further emails.

I’m happy to report that we have finally recieved payment.

It’s sad that it took so much hassle, time and drama but hopefully this has taught whoever is in charge there to be a little more professional and respectful to the people who work so damn hard to promote them.

Fingers crossed we won’t have to go through this again.