**zBUCKz PRESS** PeterFever's "Brooklyn Feels Brings NYC Touch to All-Asian Series

PeterFever’s ‘Brooklyn Feels’ Brings Eli Schmidt’s NYC Touch to All-Asian Series
(Las Vegas, November 2, 2022)
For immediate release

Award-winning gay Asian site PeterFever travels to the Big Apple’s trendy Brooklyn for director Eli Schmidt’s first series collab. Combining artistic vision and a reality-doc format, the passionate and personal “Brooklyn Feels” premieres this week on PeterFever.com.

Real sex. Real lust. Entirely unscripted. “Brooklyn Feels” is PeterFever’s newest documentary/reality style series focusing on some of the hottest Asian men living in New York including Sammy Sinsss, Tanner Winn, Damian Dragon and Chenny! In freestyle interviews they tell us about how they met, then demonstrate real insatiable desire for each other on camera. With minimal stops and edits, we focus on their real primal passions for one another. With a keen eye on moving the creative needle in porn, the series evokes lust, obsession, sensuality and authenticity we call “Brooklyn Feels.”

Well-known professional photographer and creator of “Frock” magazine as well as WebMediaProz all-new FrocktheWorld.com, Schmidt is known for an arthouse twist he brings to his erotic creations. WebMediaProz CEO Danny Zeeman jumped at the opportunity to pair him with an all-Asian cast including fan favorite Sammy Sinsss, studio porn debutants Chenny and Tanner Winn, and PeterFever veteran model Damian Dragon for the Brooklyn-lensed series. He explains: “For the last couple of years I have been trying to work with sexy New York based model Sammy Sinsss." With Eli’s help, we were finally able to make the dates work out, filming Sammy in his own environment with personal friends and fuckbuddies that he chose for the shoot. The chemistry the models shared in this series is really what makes it so hot. We are over the moon with how it turned out, and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we all enjoyed making it!"

Schmidt is also enthusiastic about the new series and the collaboration with PeterFever. “Bringing a taste of NYC to Peter Fever was a total blast. Our cast was a perfect mix of familiar faces, newcomers and established talent. I like to capture the real experience of being in NY and depicting an authentic encounter. Everything here is heightened and the sex is no exception!”

The three-episode series unspools at PeterFever.com Tuesdays, beginning November 1st.

About PeterFever: While most of the studio’s scenes contain at least one Asian model, Peterfever is not an “all Asian” site but rather one which has a focus on giving Asian men representation in gay porn. PeterFever believes that Asian men deserve a seat at the front of the table in porn, instead of at a studio with one or two “token Asians.” PeterFever’s goal is to carry the torch started by founder Peter Le to dispel negative stereotypes about Asians in the gay community and feature them in sexy, creative, story-driven series and short films.

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