ZBuckz 20th Anniversary - What should we do?

Hey everyone,

Next month will mark the 20th Anniversary of Zbuckz!

To celebrate, I want to offer some kind of promotion to thank all our Webmasters for their hard work over the years. I am up for ideas. Should we give 100% affiliate commission all month? Have a raffle to win a big prize where each join sent is a raffle number? Offer one $100 PPS day per month? I am open to suggestions. What would make you excited enough to throw up some fresh links or banners and give our sites a try during our popular pride and Anniversary month?

I have to say I love my work, so here’s to another 20 years! We’re not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

Strippers and beer works for me! :slight_smile:

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So when are we going to Lucky Horseshoe? :heart_eyes: :rofl:

20 years already!? Wow…


Im down for The Strippers and Beer… Please make sure to put some holes in the box for the stripper to breath before posting :wink:

Congrats on 20 years though always been a very friendly team at Zbuckz… Cant wait to see what you do with the next 20 :slight_smile:


I know right? Where the hell did the time go? :thinking:

Thank you Daniel! We’ve been fortunate to have some great clients and partners, so hopefully we can keep moving onwards and upwards. I just did an hour’s long podcast on AdultSiteBrokerTalk.com that will be out in a couple months, I’ll post it on here. We talked a lot about where the industry is now and how we are adapting with these changing times.


I will look forward to seeing it danny :slight_smile:

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Yes, like Daniel, I wanna see too :slight_smile: and congratulations.