Yoursafe - ACH Deposits?

Anyone know which sponsors use Yoursafe to process their ACH payments? Received a payment today and have no idea which sponsor it’s from. I called Yoursafe and they said they couldn’t help backtrace who the payment belongs to. UGH.


Yoursafe (formally bitsafe) is a sub brand of Verotel, I’m not saying the payment is from Verotel (it might be) but maybe it will help you narrow things down, maybe a studio who uses Verotel for processing… I know a lot of fans platforms use it to pay performers also…

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They usual pay via ACH From their own account labeled Verotel… Weird.

Thank you so much…

Haha Bingo… Hope I won the full house!

I think they are trying to use more and more their new brand possibly, or just promoting it, It even has yoursafe in their brand logos now for some of their brands.