You can't make that up

This is just a rant…

I’ve been working on adult websites for many years and over that time I’ve tried different concepts, some good, some not, but I’m not as persistent as Bjorn (and many others).

The most successful (adult) website I have ever created was a tube aggregator I created 12+ years ago, which had 10,000 daily visits. And even though there are thousands tube aggregators now, at that time I was getting constantly suspend because of DMCA complaints. Meanwhile, MindGeek was fine, built a porn empire and destroyed gay porn.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because a few months ago I decided to give it another ago with a different concept and I contacted quite a few sponsors to see if they would be willing to share longer videos (around 3 - 6 minutes long), etc. Almost no one responded, but I got a hilarious email exchange between myself and Robert from SayUncle who told me to use their PornHub embeds with full videos. How ironic…

When I replied that this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, his response was to limit the maximum length of the video to 8 min, but he gave me no way to access them. I tried to chase him regarding that, but nothing.

Very similar situation with Naked Sword.

Anyway, it’s just a rant and I honestly don’t even care that much, I have other websites.

Funny story. Whatever you need contact me and I will get it for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, if more sponsors were like you, it would be much easier :slight_smile:

I mean it was just a rant pointing out the irony, it’s not like it would change anything anyway. I think that sponsors like Gammae, Say Uncle, Naked Sword and other don’t really care much about affiliates unless they send them massive traffic.

It’s very likely much cheaper to give PornHub, Xvideos, etc. older full videos (that would end up there anyway) and get lots of traffic in return without paying aff. commissions.

It is what it is.