WP Webmaster Needed

Hi all,

Long time since I’ve been around, hope everyone is well and surviving all the madness.

I have a project I need to farm out, it would require someone with high proficiency in WordPress as well as sound SEO and general optimization skills.

So if you are apt at back-end functionality and such, and well as have a good command of content management, drop me a DM.

This is not an adult project

Thanks, stay safe


Oh well, no replies. This is a lost art anyway, except for those who survived through the years.

Hope everyone is well, I’ll stop back when I have more free time.

Yes unfortunately don’t think there is many around any more.

Yep, problem is, for people that don’t know they get ripped off big time by bullshit web hosts when they need work done.

The ‘mom and pop’ is dead. It’s unfortunate because in this case, the person that set his site up used a crazy Page Builder on every page. Zero SEO, so now the guy is a bit screwed.

Oh well, c’est la vie

It is not so much of a lost art than some, including myself, are working in non adult which pays LOTS more for Senior level WP/PHP/AWS developer than anything tied to adult. Unfortunately its just the way it has become. When one can bill $85 - $110 per hour vs where $10/hr seems to be the rate everyone wants to pay based on couple of members I’ve DM’ed in the past, can you blame developers?

Yes, if you have the credentials why bother working with adult sites and get paid less?

This job wasn’t for an adult website, didn’t need a full-stack developer. Just an easy site blog-style overhaul in Wordpress, the pay would not have been as low as $10 per hour.

It’s all good, appreciate your input

If its for a non-adult site try advertising it on FreeLancer or something similiar.

Nice, thanks GayDemon

Try Upwork. Its better at filtering the duds out.

Yes, sorry should have mentioned. The problem with Free Lancer is that it’s a very mixed back, often everyone says they can do any job even if they don’t have the skills. So perhaps try that other suggestion first.

Thanks all, this is a what I needed, you guys are the best!