WP Theme Developer needed

I would like to upgrade my WP theme because the current one is really old and old-fashioned. In the past I tried several times to buy a ready-made theme on sites such as ThemeForest, but every single one had some glitch or lacked something so that my current content couldn’t be shown as I wanted.

I actually like my current theme as it doesn’t distract users too much from the content (i.e. it is inobtrusive). So, I would like to update it with some new theme which would retain the basic colors and feel of the current theme, but of course it should be more modern, with all the bells and whistles of the current web development.

I think the best solution would be to hire somebody who makes these WP themes professionally, and ask them to make a custom theme for my blog. Is this something that can be found, and if so, where?

I tried to contact a few WP theme authors on Themeforest, but they didn’t reply.

Im not sure I would get a custom theme, you will end up getting stuck with it and not able to update it when WP updates. There’s lots of good themes, sure there’s always something that isn’t quite right but that’s WP. One that I’ve used quite a lot is The 7 Theme, it’s got a lot of features.

Thanks for the advice. I might be having a blond moment here, but is updating WP theme really so important? I used the current theme (which was freely downloaded from Wordpress itself) and have never updated it, and yet it worked flawlessly with all the versions of WP so far. But even if being up-to-date with your WP theme is important, I would still like to hire a professional graphic/Wordpress developer to make some custom logos and additional graphic work for my site etc. Is it possible to find someone like that who wouldn’t mind the adult theme?

By the way, that theme you mentioned is really good, and I might use it on some additional blog. But for my main blog I would like to stick to the dark theme. Do you know of any dark WP theme with similar possibilities?

I dont use that many themes to be honest. The 7 theme as a dark version too I think, just look through the versions available of pre-configured setups: https://the7.io/#!/demos

Not an expert on WP either so can’t say about updating themes or not.