WP Security Upgrade

Seems there is a ‘moderate’ security threat, and so 3.0.2 is out and ready to install.

Odd, as 3.1 is due out this month or early January. Anyhow. good luck :happy:

Re: WP Security Upgrade

This is what I don’t like about Word Press, so many bugs and bug fixes. And each time you fear that you customization will be lost. You would have thought with such a massive user base they would be able to test for bugs better before doing a release.

Re: WP Security Upgrade

I’m with GD on this one, I hate upgrading unless it’s absolutely required. Did this on one I’d just started, had only just finished the layout and design I wanted and then an upgrade appeared, and I lost all the changes I’d made.

Re: WP Security Upgrade

It’s fairly painless if you stick to simplicity…yeah but it’s like this with most popular open source software. If the code is exposed then there will be hackers at it like a dirty shirt.

“Life is a never ending upgrade…” Sorry pals.