Wp/robo/scripts seo etc

Hello world, I’ve been watching for this place few time(nether main blog of author)
And suggesting feedback…)
(in this niche I am beginner and completely loner, but nevertheless I see in this perspective.)
(Also my knowledge of Σόδομα και Γόμορρα…aren’t zero)
can someone self-orientate about tube own making, wich schema cdn do u use etc. thx

In my own case I have a custom made system that we keep developing, so I can’t really advice much about what scripts to use. I can say however that trying to use WP for a tube site will just end up being a nightmare eventually. However it might work if you don’t have much traffic.

I use Mojo Host which also offer a good CDN.

Schema? It’s not really important but I just use Google’s recommendations and label it using JSON mainly.

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your’s gaydemon. com/ isn’t wordpress?
??? :grimacing:
I know wp, and that’s such a sht,but I wasn’t born as front-ender or coder -)

No, everything I use is custom coded.

thx for yr answer

If you can’t code your own, use one of the several adult tube site scripts, like:
Mechbunny, WP-Script, Kernel-Video-Sharing

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And reach out please if you need adult-friendly hosting :slight_smile:

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