Working contact for Mojohost?

Several months ago I switched hosting from Performive to Netdynamics24 because I was unsatisfied with the speed of my server and how much I was paying for it. Netdynamics24 gave me a much faster server at a somewhat lower price, but their technical support leaves a lot to be desired (to put it mildly). Several days ago my blogs were hacked and they just told that they don’t offer support for hacked sites and that I should find a company that specializes in malware removal.

I know that many adult webmasters switched to Mojohost in the past year or so, trying to leave Performive. And according to the postings here on this forum, most of these webmasters seem to be satisfied with Mojo, so I wanted to inquire about my blogs and if they can host them and at what price.

I first sent an email to natalie (at) (because she said in another thread that she can be contacted for these pre-sales inquiries), and immediately got an automatic reply that she’s on extended leave, and that I should send email to sales (at) I did that, I forwarded the same email to that address, but they haven’t replied yet, which I find really strange.

It’s not possible to get in touch with their sales support using the chat bot on their site, either. It’s just an AI chat bot and never connects me with their sales staff although I leave my email address and it says they will contact me. It just never happens.

So it seems Mojo is not terribly interested in having me as their customer? Or perhaps there is some other issue at work here?

Does somebody know of a working email address or ticket system where I could finally contact a real person regarding a pre-sales inquiry?

I believe Natalie is in Ukraine, I imagine that is why the extended leave message. I believe [email protected] goes to the owner, Brad, who is likely trying to assist with that. I will try and ping him for you.

Edit - Natalie is out of Ukraine now. But I imagine some residual delays in sales enquiries whilst things settle down again.

I just got a reply from from Mojohost’s Jack Palmer.
Thank you Rob.

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Jack was my sales guy. He’ll take care of you.

Glad to hear Natalie is out of Ukraine. She had a baby just a few days before the invasion - so things were really precarious for her.

BTW, a lot of Mojohost’s tech support guys are in Ukraine as well. So if you’re with them please try to limit tickets for things that can wait until later.

Just saw your note about Ukraine…

I didn’t realize that many of the support guys at Mojohost are in Ukraine. I hope they are ok and safe.

I spoke by Skype with Natalie. They are trying to set up in Romania right now.

Oh really? So some of the guys got out and went there? I hope they are all safe.