Wordpress 3.0 Is Here

Well, got plans for the weekend? Wordpress 3.0 is now being rolled out, so get the fingers ready for the upgrade circle jerk.

Good Luck whistle

Re: Wordpress 3.0 Is Here

I will hold off for 3.2 or so, after they discover all the bugs :smiley:

Re: Wordpress 3.0 Is Here

oh…I upgrade as soon as they come on. Guess that is a bad idea.

Re: Wordpress 3.0 Is Here

Well, I’ve upgraded a few already, as am curious to see all the new features. In some respects it is mostly a lot of backend changes, but I do rather like it, so far whistle

I guess, until all the plugin authors, theme authors, upgrade to the new version, it’s going to be a chore, upgrading as things progress, but I think in the long run, this is going to be one of their better upgrades.

The testing of 3.0 was much more extensive than previous upgrades, and so far, it seems like it has worked. Plus many of the more popular plugins updated prior to release, and with 3.0 it tells you which plugins need updating before you upgrade to 3.0. Kind of like that.