WMM Holdings… Can anyone Advise Me?

So random one…

Recieved a payment for WMM holdings on PayPal for a grand total of 10 cents… minus 6 cents fee :rofl:

I have seen Naked Sword down on a list for this name (who I don’t promote)… so anyone able to advise who this is?

Need to know who to thank for my jackpot payout :rofl:

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It’s always nice to get a large amount of money unexpectedly :smiley: . Specifically, on this issue, this is AEBN.

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I posted more for the comedic value than anything else :rofl: Brightened my morning up…

I maybe need to start to push AEBN a bit, increase my earnings a little, hopefully earn more in commission than fees :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

wow… why did they bother with 0.10?

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AEBN also pays under that name…

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So they’ve changed their minimum payout to 10 cents, lol

I’ll send you random 10 cent payments to keep you smiling Daniel. Weird that AEBN did that. Wonder if they had a glitch in their min payment system.