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Ever gone surfing, and something has just grabbed your attention, giving you a super terrific idea for a blog post, but you just can’t be arsed to go log in to your blog and fire it up, to write the post, add the pictures or video?

I know I’ve done that a ton of times, usually forgetting to get back to it, and actually do the post that got me all steamed up, or horny.

Now Windows Live Writer, is something I thought I’d check into, to see if it could perhaps cut down on my time needed to get some posts done, on my less than frequent blogs. You know, like the free one’s at Wordpress or Blogger, or better yet, the adult friendly ones on Best Male Diaries. I got two at BMD ( Bitchin Queer & Erection Stimulus ) and honestly, I’ve not given them the attention they deserved, but so far, Windows Live Writer seems to have made that a lot easier.

So much so, that I’ve also added my two political blogs, Just a Canadian, & Gay Talk to it, along with another person blog that I host.

The interface is not bad, and in some respects, it is better than using the wordpress admin. I mean, I can alter font sizes, which Wordpress doesn’t let you do, but you can with Windows Live Writer. Adding images & videos is a lot simpler, and you can resize them right in the live writer window. Hell, you even can save a copy on your computer, save a draft online, or even publish it.

What is really fun, IT IS FREE!

It isn’t hard to add a url from a page you are viewing, which makes life a lot easier, and there are a lot of the same admin features like adding tags, choosing the category and adding an excerpt. There are some downsides too, like no html editor, and the layout is all a bit eh, okayish. If you use templates, or a jump script, well you can’t access them, so you do need those locally.

If you are looking to save some blogging time, you might want to consider using this FREE program. You just need to login to your Windows Live account, and download the Live Writer program. It isn’t hard, and well, it might help make you a bit more productive.

Re: Windows Live Writer

Thanks for the tip, GSM. I’m a little confused, though – is this something you can use and then copy/paste into your WordPress blog? Right now, what I do is write my text in a Word doc, then copy into the Visual Editor side (using that “Paste from Word” button). So are you saying the same can be done with this program, with other features like changing the font, etc.?

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No, actually it will publish the post for you. You can write the post, insert pictures & videos just like in WP admin, but without logging in to the admin. You can also just save it as a draft, then tweak it in the wp admin later, if you wish. No need for word or anything else really. It downloads your theme template, so you can visually see how your post will look in the theme. It is basic, but for quick posts, it is simple and fast. Avoids a few steps needed, if you are doing a whole whack of posts.

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I see – thanks! Will definitely look into it!

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I use Live Writer for hundreds of posts a month - couldn’t cope without it!