William Higgins Nats

I have over 4 months balance there over 200 USD, but Nats shows that check is “not yet stored”. Also payment method Not Yet Set, although it was a Paxum all time. Also I never get a confirmation emails from their Nats, even under spam.
Is it kind of automatic process or controlled by site owner? Sorry I am not familiar with Nats, so it is probably a stupid question.
They as usually never response to emails.

I think they just pay by paypal now, can’t remember for sure though. They are tricky to get hold of though and payments are slow.

I have my payout set to PayPal and you have to send them an invoice to get paid. Though I have been sending invoices every few months since last may when I reached the $200 Min payout, I have heard nothing from them at all and honestly doubt I ever will. I no longer promote them, but still kinda hope one day I might get a surprise and get paid.

Yes, that is why I “promote them” very passively.
I think main reason is our Eastern Europe tax departments. They usually don’t like any payouts made abroad even invoiced. They treat it as cheating and asking to pay taxes on them. This is a reason I don’t want to implement Nats and have to be stuck to CCBill affiliate program…
I still don’t understand why they are not answering emails. I assume Miro who was a “vice” Higgins doesn’t speak enough English…

That is not a reason. We’ve been paying affiliates from Prague for 20 years and have not had any issue with tax departments for invoices issued from other countries.

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Ok, then I think they are fraud. I shall email to Epoch and CCBill to ask them to force WH to remove affiliate program if they are not going to payout.

Did anyone got recently payment from WH?
They are very strange by not creating a “check” and not answering an emails?