Why is ChaosMen in Fame Dollars rather than Buddy Profits?

Fame Dollars is straight content, Buddy Profits is gay. So why is ChaosMen now in Fame Dollars rather than Buddy Profits? Does anyone know?

Is Fame Dollars a separate entity? If so I would guess maybe they’re starting to diversify.

It’s a shame CM has fallen though. Used to promote them and loved their style and themes, but now it’s the same handful of gay models basically just mimicking the old format.

They’re both Gamma - so a reputable sponsor (not that Brian wasn’t). It just makes me wonder if something isn’t afoot at Gamma and in a few months we’ll hear about some reorganization.

I actually asked why they choose to put it under Fame Dollars, the response was that it’s just how they wanted it organised.

IMHO, that’s hints that something is going on at Gamma. I predict a divorce with Buddy Profits splitting off and them wanting to keep new properties. But that’s pure speculation.

I wouldn’t make to much of it, we just recently launched johnnyrapid.com in Buddyprofits and are working on a brand new product rodsroom.com that will launch in few weeks.

The reason for putting chaosmen in famedollars was more technical and practical on our end. Basically it would have taken much more work for us to integrate in buddyprofits than famedollars and we made a call that it wasn’t worth it.

@conran, hopefully we can get the content quality back up, the pandemic really made model recruitment for this product challenging since new talent tended to be discovered in real life social gatherings which had stopped. We are hoping to get a bunch of new fresh faces in there in the future.
The good news is launching on the new platform seems to be helping quite a bit with core sales metrics, the site was very old and slow, and conversion rates are way up since the relaunch.

I hope that’s the case. I understand it was hard to find new guys in recent years so hopefully it’s an easy fix. At the moment the content really doesn’t suit my own sites so it’s not something I can promote, but if you’re going to keep the Edging, G:Hole and J/O scenes with new models arriving I’ll definitely be back to try promoting it again.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Confusing? A bit, but it actually works rather nice in the long run. I did check the old site before the release of the new one, and really appreciate the effort. Can’t wait to see what happens next.