Why do you keep promoting sponsors that don't pay you?

I am very curious why do you keep promoting sites that don’t pay you. If you keep sending these sites traffic without payment then why would they even bother to pay you. I know there is slim pickings for sites to promote and it sucks. I am just shocked even gay demon’s #2 best score site is still getting pushed on here and they are obviously not paying affiliates. If I am owed over 1k and I am not getting responses from the sponsor I start to pull them. I am shocked to see how much people are owed from some of these companies. At what point do you stop promoting them?


I think exactly the same and have always wondered why affiliates are so kind and patient. For example, I have a golden rule - 2 late payments and if there is no reaction from the program, I just delete all of them. I don’t think it’s worth wasting time fighting for every payment. However, I can understand people who continue in this maze - probably some of these programs generate good traffic, which is a positive for any site.

I dont … Just wanna get paid for the rebills…

When I was at JUB I would turn you off completely if you didn’t pay 2 times. Once in a while we’d add some back when they’d clean up their acts, but if I had to go hunt my/our money I would just turn you off and you wouldn’t get turned back on unless Bryce/John would tell me too. (It was a long time before you got featured too.)


So true that was a good system in place for that issue

Because sometimes the program will start paying again. I can think of two examples off the top of my head where I had to ask many times but eventually got paid and have earned many thousands since then from those programs. But William Higgins and Helix just stopped communicating altogether and I had to pull the plug.

I have to admit that if I have a review pass to a site I like I might be less critical about the lack of sales. i mean the reason I got into this biz was because of my interest in hot naked men so if there is a site that feeds my addiction but isn’t paying I might stick with it longer if I have free access. But if free access is taken away AND the site doesn’t make me money I will certainly drop it and devote my promo efforts to other sites.