Which Cloud Backup Service

Which backup service would you recommend for just a home pc? I had Livedrive but it looks like they closed my access and went with just hosting files for business. With no warning. And of course they aren’t responding to emails :frowning:

So, I have looked into IDrive, Dropbox, & Backblaze so far.

I can get a year of IDrive /10 TB for $3.98 with a referral link, then it switches to $70+ after the first year. 10TB is way more than I need these days. 1 or 2TB is more the range I’d want.

Rather than the pricing I’m more interested in how easy a site is to use and to get auto backups started. I like a “set it and forget it”, cause I can guarantee that 2minutes after I set it up I will indeed forget it!

Can’t you use OneDrive? I’ve used it now for a few years. I map all my folders like “documents”, “photos” etc all to the onedrive folder which is then automatically backed up. For example I had to reset and reinstall windows on my laptop last week. All I had to do was login and onedrive starts downloading all the files. You just have to get the mapping correctly setup. Right click my documents and change location to onedrive, do note that you can’t undo it.

I use mega.nz

They have been around for a long time and are pretty dependable. You get 20 gb with a free account (used to be 50 gb), and there are also bigger plans, which are quite affordable.

The difference between mega.nz and others is that they are end-to-end encrypted, which means that even they can’t read your files.

I haven’t heard of them closing anyone’s account on a whim, ever. However, you need to make sure you write down your password and the recovery code, because if you forget those, there’s no way to recover your files.

I have used Backblaze for for many years. It just works.

We’ve been using Dropbox for 10 years now and like Rob said about Backblaze, it just works.

Would I have to use the microsoft browser, as I’m using Firefox.

I’m looking to need to wipe this hard drive and reinstall Windows. Is that what you did? I have an update that wants to install, and it can’t because it runs into some error that I can’t seem to fix, plus I have some blue screens coming up … anyway you get the idea!

I need simplicity to move files and bring them back and not be down for a week.

Thanks Ben, I’ll look into it as I hadn’t heard of it yet :slight_smile: And 50GB for free is certainly enticing.

And Rob and Bill. Appreciate the confidence vote for those programs.

Ok so hold on.

The latest “quality” update for Windows 11 has caused a lot of people to have issues. I had the same. Basically it just won’t download or install the update. Nothing happens. For me gradually after trying I started to get more issues, not sure it’s related or not. But eventually i could not install any programs.

So… i had to do a Windows 11 reset. It means all apps/programs are removed but all your files, i.e. documents, photos etc are left as they are.

But I also use OneDrive which automatically backup whatever I specify and the sync back down when needed. It’s tied to my Microsoft login. Now I’m not sure if I get it with Office 364 or if it’s a part of windows itself…

Years ago i used to have a backup drive and all that but it’s such a hassle. Now i use OneDrive on my own laptop and my parents as well. It’s just so much easier as it backsup everything in the background.

Yes! That’s my problem! So you’re saying to just reset Windows, not wipe the drive, and I don’t need to move off the files and documents and pics? And then I reinstall the programs, games, etc.

I don’t use the microsoft 365 or whatever it is called. I already own Office 2013 and it’s fine for the little wordpress and excel that I use.

You’re welcome. Just to avoid any confusion, mega.nz now offers 20 Gb with a free account. They used to give 50 Gb for free in the past, but apparently not anymore.

But still, 20 Gb is quite generous for a free account, and their paid plans are not too expensive.

Yes if you have windows 11 and use the reset. It gives you two options, one to do totally fresh install and it removes all files but the other option keeps all your files. If you keep your files you only need to reinstall whatever programs you use.

Doing the reset seems to have fixed the update issue and it works fine after, even doing the latest update that got stuck.

Alternative maybe wait and see if they release a new update that fixes this problem since clearly a lot of people are affected by it. In fact last night there seems to have been a new update.

Well, as an update it looks like the download issue for updates has been fixed. Took 'em long enough :sleeping:

Glad it got sorted though!

I got real cheap this year and bought an external 5tb drive for like 90€. I do have an ASUS cloud service tied to this computer, along with Google Drive. Drive is handy because I can stash and grab from any of my devices. I was brainwashed never to rely on just one backup system. Now, if I can just remember to set up the automatic backups… sigh

LMAO!! You wouldn’t happen to be over age 50 per chance?

Uh, yeah. That’s being generous. Hehehehhe