What socials are you using?

There was a thread on this 12 years ago but not much else so I thought I would bring it back.

Anyone out there using social media to promote?

With the death of newTumbl it feels like there’s now a big gap in adult social media and we’re looking for new options. Obviously it’s tricky with Insta, Tumblr is now pointless for anything remotely adult, Reblogme is the only one we’re really using regularly.

Anyone else have any experience with any socials? Bluesky? Twitter etc?

I only use Twitter or X… or whatever it’s called. We have managed to get 70,000 followers but honestly, I don’t think we get much out of it.

I use Twitter and have over 300,000 followers. Signups from there are rare, but I pay little attention to my account. I don’t have time for it.

Nice on the 300k. We don’t have many signups from Twitter either.

Wow 300,000. that’s amazing but rather sad to hear that you don’t get much out of it.

There’s also the question now if it’s worth putting time into it if they suddenly start shadow banning adult content.

My friend has an only fans and he has over a million followers and most of his traffic is from Twitter and he has over 10,000 only fans subscribers. So Twitter can work in some ways.

I wonder what happens to onlyfans if Twitter starts banning people… but that’s another story…

Even if you have a million followers how many of them are actually going to see your content in their feed? That’s before you even get to the issue of shadow banning and Elongated Muskrat deciding one day that he doesn’t like your content.

I do think Twitter will implode one day. There just needs to be a viable competitor. I thought Blue Sky might be that competitor but it’s still invitation only and due to that it’s basically dead right now. There aren’t enough users there to justify visiting.

I think it’s the quality of the customer on twitter for example I only have 1k followers I did a test the other day and got 20 uniques out of 300 views 6% CTR

But my product is very niche and I simply had my competitors follow me back so it could work

Very small I know but it’s also helping my domain Search engine rep etx

Is there any data on that? Google keeps insisting that social reach has no bearing at all on ranking, but if traffic has an impact on ranking they’re just engaging in semantics.

For example, while they might say the number of interactions you have on Twitter is meaningless, if you have a thousand people coming to your site from Twitter and then browsing deeper that has to have an impact on ranking, surely?

there isn’t any data that i know about at least, im sure it has some impact but probably not that big. its more what happens on the site, how visitors engage with your content. Twitter for example is very spammy, so i just cant see how links from posts would have much value at all.

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Yes I agree with you Bjorn however with my current setup I’ve seen two join submits not actual sales so I’ll give it a month and see if I get sales and report back here

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And that was out of 27 uniques which I think is pretty good?

Hit and miss IMO.

For content creators it’s the ground floor for customer acquisition, but for studios, I think it’s really only good for brand presence, and maybe special occasion, news, and sale promotion.

It only either works for inbound traffic or outbound broadcasting, and really depends who you are.

We use X, Instagram and are just now experimenting with TikTok. At this point, the social media is mostly for branding. A few years ago we did decently with Twitter traffic but these days it’s extremely difficult to convert for studios. I actually think we do better from the “SFW” social media like Instagram because I see sign-ups coming in when our posts there get a lot of attention, but unfortunately there is no way to track since we can’t link directly. I do think that Twitter traffic does better with OnlyFans because they are “plugged in” together and that audience that subscribes is doing it in large part to be able to talk directly to their favorite porn stars (not so much for the content, but for the access to communication). That’s why it makes it harder for studios to convert that traffic. However, our creators that have studio sites like Axel Abysse or Yoshi Kawasaki still do very well with Twitter traffic because of being able to lure them over to the studio site through direct messaging and the offer of chat through our platform (we do have a “chat” platform available on our Creator’s paysites).

It’s just occurred to me that no one at all has mentioned Facebook, including me. lol

That’s kind of interesting, the “biggest social media platform” in the world and no one in our industry uses it.

I think we’re going to get back into posting on mainstream socials just for the branding but we’ll mostly stick with Reblogme and Sharesome for adult. They’re not great, but we do see some good traffic from both when we post regularly and we are slowly building followers on both.

Thanks for the interesting thoughts. I hope we can keep this thread going and maybe see what the results are in the future.

I’m not sure Facebook is that big any more, young people don’t really use it. Twitter and Tiktok.

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Yes I think Tiktok and Instagram is where most of the younger users are active.

Ah yes. of course, instagram is the big one.

I’ve become quite jaded with social media, stopped using it other than a quick look at instagram but my feed is mainly filled with hot guys and cats.

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