What should I call my email address?

I’ve been using gmail as my main affiliate account email for years but I’m finally thinking about creating a custom email account with one of my gay domain names. But I don’t want to use “admin” or “manager” so I thought I’d ask here for suggestions.

To clarify, I’m a gay adult blogger and I mostly get sponsor promo emails and communications via email. I was thinking about using “[email protected]” but that’s kind of long. Any other ideas?

[email protected]?

i just use my first name but because i started with “webmaster” nearly 20 years ago that’s the one I get most emails too.

I tend to just use my first name as well. [email protected] [email protected] etc. I like having it a bit more personal.

Yep, first name is my pick too. Those defaults are a bit outdated. I remember I once had an email that was [email protected]… hideous :smiley:

First name or
first initial and last name or
just your initials

or [email protected] :laughing:

Thanks, I think first name it shall be. I really didn’t want to use the standard names like admin or webmaster. I assume email spammers start with those first when trying to add accounts to their lists.