What’s the best script for review site

Hey guys so I’m doing a review site with videos etc based on seduction of straight guys a nice little niche for the gay community what type of software or script would you recommend It will be a site where I upload reviewed videos of the best straight on gay porn thanks

Unfortunately don’t think there is a script that you can use out of the box, but perhaps something like wordpress or Drupal could work.

You can take a look through these review site PHP scripts on Code Canyon. They cover a wide variety of types of reviews, apps, shopping, etc. Perhaps there is one there that can be adapted to what you need.

But I would also suggest WordPress. There are several WordPress review plugins and this article is recent enough to give you some idea of what’s available.

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I’ve heard good things about ReviewTycoon. They are adult-friendly and the coders are good people.

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It seems your site is flagged as a security risk…TBH you are flogging a dead horse.