What happened with ZBucks?

It is going to a church website. Was is hacked?


omg that is crazy that spelling it with an S goes to a church lol

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Oh wow… that is crazy

An idle thought - I really think it’s a debate about what’s more morally sound - good old gay affiliate programs or some churches.

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Well I always buy the plural and some commonly misspelled version of any domain that I buy. This is exactly why I do it and pay for the idle domains.

zbucks.com has never been available since I have been in the industry and purchased the domain ZBUCKZ.com back in 2003. In the past it was a website of a guy selling tractors / trailers. I’ve emailed multiple times trying to buy it but never got a response. And the gay affiliate program is definitely more morally sound…LOL!


You should have those idle domains forwarding automatically, that way you do pick up the traffic that is typing in those misspells.