Weird AxelAbysse affiliate site question:

We discovered what looks like it is meant to be an affiliate site for, but they transformed his logo and mistyped his name. It presents all his previews but no links to

We can’t find any way to figure out who this person since they use domain privacy. Would you allow this form of promoting? It looks like whoever this is went to a lot of effort to make this site and we’d prefer to work with them and make sure they are using this as an affiliate site and not to pirate his content. However there is no way we can figure out how to contact this site owner. The only thing we could do is DMCA his domain registrar and host but that seems pretty drastic if this is an actual affiliate. My advice to Axel was to take a “wait and see” approach to the site and see what they do.

Any feedback or if anyone happens to know who owns this site it would be much appreciated!

No I would not allow it. I think it’s clear violation of copyright. Sure promote Axel but don’t do it by copying logo and the name. It’s clearly confusing.

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If it was an affiliate, they would first contact you and ask if you allow this type of promotion, then put affiliate links in the content. The way to take down the site is to make DMCA complaints to Cloudflare and the domain registrar, as the content was not used to promote Axel. Trust me, this can ruin the reputation of the real Axel site. A few years ago a competitor did a complete copy of Redixxmen and I got in huge trouble with Google because of it.

It’s generally hard to find the original IP address. Still, you can try subdomains like these for example FTP, mail, webmail, etc, or send an email to a random address, for example, [email protected] If the original server has a mail system installed, it should return a message that the address does not exist, with the original IP.


Thank you guys. I will send in the DMCA requests.

I second this. I’ve had problems with copycat sites in the past, domains that include my trademarks as well as pages wholesale copied from my own.
Sort it out before Google starts penalising for duplicate content