Webmaster Wanted

A well established adult entertainment company in Las Vegas is seeking a Webmaster to oversee the backend development for its latest venture. We are seeking an experienced Webmaster with several years experience developing streaming only pay sites. This individuals first task will be to oversee the backend development for a new site including hiring a server admin, developing a streaming server setup, hiring a developer, and installing Nats affiliate tracking software. The job begins immediately and this individual can work from home. Additionally, I need a capable Webmaster to manage the websites and oversee the affiliate program including billing management and customer service. Applicants must be comfortable working with bi-sexual content. We would prefer if this individual lived in Las Vegas as our Studio and offices are located here in Summerlin. But they can work from home. The starting salary is $60k per year + commission. If you’re interested please email [email protected] and tell us about yourself and related work experience.

Position has been filled. Thank you!