Warning, if you promote JFF

I have several models who have an accounts at JustFor.Fans
Recently they changes their affiliate system, to make it “more comfortable” for affiliates.
On top of affiliates page there is a new banner:
“Amount You Are Currently Owed” with amount, so you don’t have to calculate yourself this amount.
Once I saw that, this “amount” was kind of suspicious for me. I imported all pending sales into excel and got a quite difference.
I emailed to support. No apologizes from them.

​Thank you, I have run this by the tech team and they have corrected the matter!

Thank you!
Jeremy Feist

JFF Support Team

But this is not the end. After I asked them : where is my payout? Because before the February it was over 50+, I got next answer:

Because it wasn’t processed at the time of the payout, it will roll over into next month and your payment should go out on March 1st.

​Thank you,
Jeremy Feist

JFF Support Team

I suggest everyone who still promote them to re calculate your records.
And of course, if I would be a site owner who taking care of its affiliates I would send to everyone email notifying about this issue with apologies and process manually payouts.