Visa/Mastercard has stopped processing on Xvideos

Visa/Mastercard has stopped processing on Xvideos this week. As a result they removed their premium section which is called “Red” from their website. So it is not possible any more for content creators and studios to earn money with their uploaded videos. I sent them a message but they don’t reply. Does anybody knows more about it or also has a pemium account as a creator/studio with them and has the same issue?

Not having any issues here. We were able to upload today, hum.

Here in South America I do not see the “RED” videos anymore.

Yes same here in Europe. Red videos are not visible any more for users on xvideos site, which means users cannot subscribe to Red videos.

You can upload as creator/studio but red videos do not appear anymore on xvideos website for users to subscribe to them. This means no earnings for creators and studios.

Looks like there is an issue sigh

Got paid on Friday by XVideos. :slight_smile: