Updating Accont Details Email In NATS

I’m updating my email address everywhere to prepare for a hosting server/web address move that is going to jam up my current email address for a few days and I don’t want the affiliate promo emails bouncing all over and back to the sender.

So as I have been updating the email address I’ve been running into snags on some NATS webmaster affiliate programs.

For some reason several of them have not been sending the confirmation email to complete the process.

I give it a few days, then click resend, and still nothing comes.
I’ve tried cancelling it and reentering the email address to see if that works, and still the confirmation email doesn’t come.

Any ideas?
I’ve contacted some programs via email and got replies, but some, I contact via email and support request in NATS and don’t hear anything back.

Anyone else have this kind of problem updating their account details info in NATS?

Yes, I’ve encountered the problem before as well… No email confirmation nor able to contact them leaving my email in limbo on their system. It really sucks and I haven’t figured out a way around it. Luckily for me that has only happened with sponsors that didn’t owe me money, were no longer updating and never sent newsletters anyway…

Maybe if you provide the sponsors names someone on here will have different contact info you can try rather than what is provided within NATS or the Newsletters.


Thanks Kevin
I will give it a week or so to see if I can get some replies.

Some of them are paying programs that do updates and do them often.
That’s part of the frustration, when you get an update from the program, BUT no reply to your email. Very frustrating.
After a week, I will see if anyone has any other contact info for them.

Thanks very much for the advice.

Make sure you aren’t just replying to their updates because those emails are usually a specific email just for emailing affiliates. I would try to go to the actual affiliate program and contact them. It is very easy on the admin side to update an email address and unfortunately updating the details with the automated way through Nats doesn’t always work well as others have stated. The actual email system within Nats is not the best. I would try to find a contact form or actual email to send to.


Thanks, I am using their advised email contacts, not replying to the content emails, but thank you for your info on NATS.
Some of the programs are replying, but it can be a week or more.
I’ve got plenty of time, just with that NATS worked the way it should and sent the confirmation email.
Makes me wonder what else in NATS isn’t working on those programs.

I can concur that Nats email system is terrible. Always better to email program owners or staff directly!
We list all our contacts here: https://www.zbuckz.com/external.php?page=contact

If you have issues with Boyfun and XXXRewards, just hit me up at brent at xxxrewards.com and I’ll get you sorted out.

Thanks, Danny.
Zbuckz worked no problem.

Thanks Brent, I need to sign up to XXXRewards, and I will.