Update on MaleSharing server problems

I have already been in contact with a couple of forum members about this, but for those of you who submit blog posts to http://www.malesharing.com and haven’t heard from me yet… this one is for you :slight_smile:

You may have noticed that MaleSharing has been slow… and that’s really an understatement.
I just want to inform you that re-writing parts of the script and moving the site to a new server has made the site much faster.

As a result, webmasters can submit their blog posts in less time and even more importantly; surfers stay around much longer which means more traffic to your blogs.

Also, let me use this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions, even at times when the site was very slow.
If you haven’t used MaleSharing lately, please give it a try at: http://www.malesharing.com

Joe Spunk, who is an exclusive submitter, says: “I believe that the improvements will benefit the entire adult industry and I think it will solve every single problem the industry is facing nowadays.” He also states that his conversions jumped 800%.

Well, that last part is not really true… but he could have said that when I would have written a press release in a way that some sponsors do lol

Re: Update on MaleSharing server problems

lol Thanks for going through all the trouble my friend.

Joe Spunk only jumped 800%? I’m seeing a 1200% increase in conversions just since 8am this morning! :wink:

Re: Update on MaleSharing server problems

Oh, that is good news indeed … I kept timing out and had pretty much given up on adding new posts for WowMedia … but I’ll start again come Monday :slight_smile:

Re: Update on MaleSharing server problems

Are you using Word Press for it? I assume you do use the Cache plugin?

Re: Update on MaleSharing server problems

No, it’s a custom made script. I do use some sort of caching through htaccess though.

Thank you Bec! You shouldn’t experience the timing out problems anymore.