Unable to contact Curiouscash, stats look wrong again

Some of you may remember that many of their affiliates had their sales magically disappear from their stats about 2 or 3 years ago. They sorted it out then, after I had complained via email. I continued to promote their site All Australian Boys, mostly because I like the content.

But now it looks as if that same thing (sales disappearing from the stats) happened to me again. I had close to $400, and just when I was about to reach my payout minimum, 99% sales just vanished into thin air.

I tried to contact them, writing both from my own domain’s email address and from some web based emails, but no luck. I also don’t get their promo emails anymore.

They use some strange version of mpa3 in which I can see stats only for past 2 years.

Does anyone have some email of theirs that definitely works?

I stopped promoting them a year ago due to the exact reasons you outlined…

FYI, they are still sending out promo emails but all the content is old recycled content… Their last regular updates were in November of 2020… Then 2 updates in March and 1 update in May and that’s it for 2021.

The last time I got paid form them was after a ton of back and forth and I was never paid in full. Actually they never paid in full in my history with working with them. It was always some excuse or another.

I’ve always used either Stats Remote of Nifty Stats to track my sales for the multitude of sponsors I promote… By doing so I have a historical record of my earnings so when stats seem to disappear from a sponsors reporting I still have a record for myself.

As you are keenly aware now… All Australian Boys has an un-godly high payout level that has to be met. In addition to that they implemented, without warning, a system where any sales generated more than two years ago just disappear from the stats. On top of that they drag their feet for months on end before finally paying… During this time months worth of sales are just disappearing from your reporting and you loose out… Once they told me I’m not at the $500 threshold. I said I was until they took months to payout and a big month I had passed the two year threshold dropping me back under the $500 threshold.

I finally got part of what was due me and decided I’m no longer promoting them.

Here is all the contact info I have for them but I haven’t spoke to them in over a year.

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Best of luck…


Thanks Kevin!

I will try to contact them on those email addresses you mentioned, but I won’t hold my breath.

I’ve pulled their links and won’t be promoting them anymore. And if they don’t respond, I will make sure that every other webmaster I communicate with is fully informed about my experience with curiouscash.