UK Age verification

Anyone started implementing this?
We are just about to begin a limited trial to see how it affects things and was wondering if anyone has any 1st hand knowledge.

I am surprised how cheap it is though for consumer verification. around 20p per user, and once they are set up, it costs nothing more for that user ever. For a subscription site it is affordable (if it does not scare away too many users), not sure how blog / review sites etc are going to cover it, with more traffic that is just browsing around without necessarily making a purchase.

We will pair it with a G-rated tour that plays no trailers, so we will have to eat up the cost of the verification if the visitor never joins, but just wants the trailers…

Still a better solution would be to make parents responsible for their kids internet usage and fully implement the current RTA system

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No, no experience and been holding off to see what other bigger players are doing.

What solution have you used?

The issues from what I remember is that there is no one single solution or?

While i agree some type of age verification is needed I’m scared of the impact it will have. I can see sites that comply and follow all the rules being hit negatively while pirate tube sites and the like will benefit as they won’t comply or care.

Also… do you only need age verification for explicit content? I mean a site using semi-nude or non-explicit images can still be very pornographic. Would a G-rated tour qualify as “child-safe”?

We will have to see what they accept as ‘child safe’ we will use a couple of things, 1st option a 0 charge CC transaction (apparently this is acceptable) and then verify my age and a 2nd choice… we have nothing live right now yet though…

I think starting with age-restricted websites is just a trial. Eventually you will need a digital ID to access any website in the name of whatever public buys easiest.

Don’t mind actual child predators and publicly known paedophiles who are above the law though.

I thought the processing of this by the UK government had been shelved almost permanently, and while the law went through there is no process in place by the gov to manage or check or require any website to do anything at this point (and no plans or idea how they will do anything moving forward either)…

True, they are not pushing it at the moment, but it will come, it is not just the UK though. Australia rumbles on about it, it is already on the books in France and Germany, Louisiana in the US, even California is discussing it. jdsupra in the UK “The OSB is in the latter stages of the legislative process and while substantive amendments may still be made, it is likely to receive Royal Assent by mid-year.” even if it is not rolled out right away, we need to be ready for any rapid enforcement decisions, and i am sure that sites like ours will be the first one’s that eyes will fall upon as an easy target. If you don’t rely directly on a billing service, there may be more wiggle room, but if OFCOM directs visa to stop processing, I am pretty sure who they will side with :wink:

My biggest concern or the problem I see is that there won’t any common service that everyone can use and that’s used on all sites… instead lots of different solutions meaning some people will stick to sites that use the same one and avoid others.

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So I had an update from the guys we were chatting with, and Bjorn’s concern above is spot on.
We had envisaged UK customers could choose a service they were comfortable with, and then as a website, we would try and cater to as many of these providers as we can. There would just be an API call to whichever service they use, with a positive or a negative response.

The way it seems to be moving is that the providers want exclusivity, and I cannot see customers creating verify accounts all over the place, just to view a tour page.
Some big players are already doing zero charge or $1 transactions for the purpose of verification as their legal teams have said that this complies with the requirements… maybe it is easiest just to follow their lead at the latest possible moment, or until things settle into a manageable solution.

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Yeah… i knew this would happen. We have already been here before years ago with AVS systems which ironically VISA / Mastercard shut down because they said credit cards could or should not be used for age verification. Back then we had Mancheck, Adultcheck and several others… competition for the most clients and was all exclusive… you had to pick one.

The problem also is that while paysites have better options with a softcore tour and verification through $0 transactions… affiliates cannot do this. The indirect result of this is less in traffic to paysites as affiliate sales will decline, which im sure will already make a difficult situation worse in terms of survival vs onlyfans, piracy etc.

I really don’t mind age verification but it’s just not going to be one system or easy to do… and will knock out a lot of sites and focus yet more traffic on a few huge companies.


Yea we looked at this with a few providers when the information first hit back what feels like years ago, the segmentation is what seems to be the biggest issue, we had hoped there would be a system that was centralised that all verification partners would link into and basically it would be a “one account for all” situation, sadly that really does not seem to be the case (which honestly is what we expected too)…

I know what you mean from an affiliates perspective @GayDemon I have looked at some options and while it makes sense from a paysite perspective, I really don’t know how feasible any solution will be for an affiliate, I did look into a system that Mindgeek was developing about a year back but it seemed rather expensive for what an smaller/average affiliate would make in earnings.

Also @BelAmiOnline thanks for the update above, you seem to have seen something we have missed with regards to this so some more checking needed on our side it seems. :thinking:

And in terms of content, what has to be age verified? Images and videos that contain nudity, what’s the limit? What about erotic text / stories? Is there any clarification on what counts as adult content that has to be age verified?

I also looked at 5 or 6 different systems, none of them show pricing. Has anyone seen what they intend to charge?

This is going to be another messy aspect that no one seems to want to talk about.
Just look at the mess going on in the USA right now, with brain dead morons claiming Michelangelo’s David is “pornographic” and teachers being fired for discussing classical art.

This kind of censorship is going to open a massive can of worms that could impact everything from music to cinema, museums to Wikipedia. I don’t think the public is ready for the disruption this backward movement is unleashing.

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