Twitter TOS 2020

OUT Magazine says they have reached out to Twitter and reports Adult is safe. Have any of your accounts been affected?

I can think of about a dozen major performers whose accounts have been blocked over the past 6 months.

According to their new TOS, adult content is still allowed… HOWEVER your account (media settings) must be marked “sensitive” and you can’t use any explicit images or text in your header image, avatar and bio.

I know quite a few performers have been blocked because they violated those rules. A few others have become victims of false DMCA takedown requests. This recently happened to Rhyheim Shabazz and he eventually got his account back.

BTW: the new TOS allow Twitter to ‘shadow-ban’ accounts without any reason. This has always been the case though, but now it’s mentioned specifically.

You can check whether your account is currently shadow-banned in any way by using this site:

Wow thank you for the information.

Both my websites are shutting at the end of the month and my twitter is the only way I monetize my new site. This is pertinent information, thank you.

No issues wit my Twitter TG My 15k Followers @pnp_tube are still heavily engaged and able to see my tweets and replies I’m still steamed over Tumblr’s mass NSFW exodus of 2018 - I had over 35k Tumblr followers!