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So I spend an hour yeasterday testing out a Tube site (xtube) just to see exactly what its all about. It was fun and I found the tube site really good, great even. I could easily have spent longer time there!

The problem is, a tube site like xtube is a end in it self, I didnt need to go anywhere else. There is enough videos to keep anyone busy for a very long time. So a few questions in regards to Tube sites…


  • What insentive is there to make surfers want to buy anything? If surfers want more, they simply continue looking for more videos at the tube site.
  • How does Tube sites get away with people uploading just about anything? The legal statment simply seemed to say "we are not primary producers".. so what if someone uploads something illegal?
  • How do tube sites make money? [/LIST]
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    I think they make alot from live cams. My boyfy surfs xtube as he likes real guys in their own home, not pro models in a studio. Live cams to that sort of surfer would would do very well id guess. That said Im sure they make lots from the other ads they have up.

    I guess they are running the risk of some 17 year old uploading his wank off vids. I wouldnt do a user submitted site for that very reason. I guess they can afford a good team or lawyers… or they are living on borrowed time. I suspect the latter.

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    tube videos are always grainy and poor quality, esp the amateur stuff that gets uploaded. The only videos that look nice are usually the sponsor videos, which are teasers and why people join paysites based on those. XTube, specifically, makes money on its higher quality PPV plus selling ad spaces (esp to live feeds) plus having webmaster accounts with affiliate programs that upload videos, thus giving them a triple stream of income.

    Compare that to an MGP site, where they generally only have 1 stream of income (affiliate links on their main pages), has to pay for its own content (which is not even unique like the amateur stuff uploaded at xtube), and also gives away traffic to anyone submitting galleries (unlike xtube that displays all content with its own money making banenrs all around it).

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    Oh…and don’t forget the most important part of all, xtube is VERY sticky (bookmarkers & return visitors) - way more sticky compared to most MGP sites which often trade surfers off to other MGP sites in the hope of building their traffic.

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    I have been trying out an affiliate tube script that after watching the clip, you have an affiliate link to watch the whole video.Of course there is very limited support for the script, but on sites like Xtube I would also think that there wouldn’t be as much of an income generator unless it is for like cam sponsors like marcjacob said.

    They (Xtube) have also had a lot of fallout with webmasters in the past, for being accused of having riped off uploaded content to generate traffic to their site.Now all you really see on there is the amateur (home made) stuff.

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    Has anyone posted their pay site videos and affiliate links over a few or more weeks ?
    We looked at it a few months back but was also concerned that it was all amateur home user videos that seemed to be showing up and rarely sponsor type ones.

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    yes thats it… I found a great deal of very long amateur clips. There was a lot of sponsor stuff as well but you can easily just spend hours and hours without needed to visit any other sites.

    Anyway, im just testing out what ways there are for people to get free porn - videos, full movies etc. So testing it out. Will report back my findings.