Trying to get a hold of Hard Gay Feeds

I have tried everything. Every email address I have for them. I submitted their form and also sent emails to Cardinal Media with no response at all. UGH!

We are in the same boat. Your feeds start returning error codes too?

That is exactly what we are getting and absolutely no response from them.

We reported the issue to them last week and they immediately responded that they were working the issue. Yesterday, we had not heard anything so we reached out and received a response from Danny that they were continuing to work the issue. We’re down with them as well. I’ll DM you two the email address we were using to contact them.

Thank you! Would be nice if they would at least respond.

Sorry you couldn’t reach anyone at Carnal Media. We are aware of the situation and working to resolve the issues as quickly as we can. We have reached out to anyone who has contacted us and I apologize that no one got back to you.

Sent you a DM, if you get a chance today. Thanks!

We are at work on getting the full features back online as we deal with a new server structure.

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Hard Gay Feeds should be up and running with the exception of ‘coming soon’ which is being updated and should be working soon as well. If anyone experiences any issues, please let me know.
Thanks for your patience!

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