Traffic Stats July to Nov 2010 (Free sites)

As there was some questions about a link list that stopped updating I decided to check my stats for the last 5 months on my free sites. These statistics cover the period 14 July to 14 Nov 2010. It measures incoming traffic to my Free sites hosted on Each week there are 3 free sites submitted to the link lists mentioned below.


  • GayDemon: 126,000 (1024/day) drop in sept, but large increase since Oct
  • ManPics2000: 112,213 (900/day)
  • Hunk Hunter: 25,671 (208/day)
  • Gay Man List: 8968 (72/day) very large drop since mid Aug
  • GayPornEngine: 6633 (53/day)
  • GayFreeSites: 6252 (50/day)
  • Gay Sex Bot: 5695 (46/day)
  • Macho Links: 4850 (39/day) increase since mid Sept
  • Male Directory: 4203 (34/day) big drop since mid Sept
  • Male blue: 4027 (32/day)
  • Gaymood: 3567 (29/day) dropping
  • BostonBoyz: 3241 (26/day)
  • PenisBot: 1800 (13/day)
  • Free Gay Porn Finder: 1732 (14/day)
  • My Gay Link List: 1366 (11/day)
  • The Daily Gay: 1276 (10/day)
  • My Gay Linx: 1239 (10/day)
  • NaughyGaySites: 1221 (9/day)
  • Way Big: 993 (8/day) [/LIST]

    Some of the results are quite disappointing to be honest. Including PenisBot who I had expected much better from. I had to even create specific landing pages only for them to get listed… yet they send far less traffic than many smaller sites.

    GayManList is another disappointment it’s had a massive drop in traffic, the only reason I can see is that they stopped updating and no longer add new sites.

    Some of the other sites with low daily visitors is starting to getting close to pointless, specially in terms of Free Sites and will probably stop using for example Way Big.

    It’s however nice to see that some very new link lists are doing well and actually sending more traffic than some older established ones like My Gay Link List, good work!

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    Thank you Bjorn for submitting to My Gay Link List and I’m very happy to see that you’re getting some hits. The stats could be better in my opinion (from my list I mean), but as it grows, the traffic should as well.

    I’ve noticed a large drop from older, more established link lists as well. It sucks.

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    Bjorn’s top three are the same as mine. Gay Demon, Man Pics 2000, and Hunk Hunter.

    BTW - does someone on this forum run Man Pics 2000 or Hunk Hunter? I owe them a huge thank you and have a question to send via PM.

    Wierd that a lot of webmasters don’t like or have had bad experience with Penis Bot. Their staff has been nothing but professional and helpful to me getting sites listed and the long term traffic is excellent. I especially love when they relist or move my sites back near the top of their lists :slight_smile:

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    Rich, the guy from ManPics2000, is a member here - he’s iowaman - and I must say he’s been great to me too!

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    Nice to see that we’re still producing for you

    Huey: Thanks for the nice words
    Paul: You can PM me here if you want


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    Yeah…ManPics is amazing traffic. Consistent too. Thanks Rich!

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    just for shits and giggles i looked at my GA stats for the few free sites i submitted over the year of 2009-2010 and ManPics is still the one sending the most traffic which is find amazing seeing as how i figured that just about all linklist traffic should be dried up at this point in time for sites near to one year old, but apparently not so… Gaydemon sends a few triggles as well but ManPics sends about 150% more…

    On the note of traffic, i have to ask is it worth the time and energy to submit to a linklist that only sends 10 hits a day ? i know that they could grow but the odds of a sign from that amount of traffic is slim to non or am i mistaken ?

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    I think even with 10 a day, it’s still worth the effort. If you have a good freesite hub, maybe one of those 10 will bookmark you and come back on his own. I have a number of my sites in the recip table, so likewise, maybe they’ll hit one of my blogs and bookmark it.

    And like I was trying to say earlier, shouldn’t we be looking at helping these link list grow? Is it always about what’s in it for me? So you put a link list in your recip table and submit your site, it took you what? One minute. And maybe your effort helps that link list grow a bit, which in return might see 20 visitors a day next month.

    I remember way back when I started my first AVS hub, no one wanted to trade links because I was new, I didn’t have any PR, no traffic to share. So I just carried on building my hub. And now you can search in Google for hairy anything without hitting on of my hubs. Once my hub became successful suddenly everyone wanted to swap links. I remembered who helped and who didn’t.

    I get that it’s all about traffic and numbers, but sometimes I think building relationships and helping others out is just as important and probably in the end has a bigger payoff. If you had five people in this biz you could go to and say, “Hey, I’m trying something new, could you throw up a link for me,” and they did, isn’t that valuable, too. You don’t build those relationships by only playing the numbers game.

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    I also want to thank you for submitting your sites to - keep them coming, please


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    I also want to thank you for submitting your sites to - keep them coming, please


    Thank you for the traffic! :slight_smile:

    I don’t do a huge amount of free sites anymore though, 3 per week is what I’ve settled with.