Traffic for sale

Hi all hope all is well ,

I have a few quality advert spots you maybe interested in.

  1. Gay 300x250 NTV Banner flat RON $1770/mo 11M imps/month

25% US, 9% DE, 6% FR UK, 5% ES IT

  1. Gay Cam Tablink, custom anchor flat $3,060/mo ~ 30K clicks/month
    27% US, 12% DE, 7% UK, 6% FR, 5% CA

  1. Mobile Header, 300x100 flat $800/mo 16M imps/mo, about 7000 clicks/mo

Gay 37% US, 7% UK, 4% DE, 4% BR, 4% CA, 4% MX

Text Ad, “Live Gay Chat”, above video

Gay 80% mobile, 20% desktop 2 weeks DE $0.09/click 250/day
68 IT $0.06/click 150/day
69 FR $0.06/click 100/day
70 GB CA AU NZ $0.07/click 100/day
71 IN $0.004/click 1200/day

For more information please add me to Skype [email protected] alternatively you can email me at [email protected]