Tim Tales NATS problem

Hi, is anyone else having a similar problem with Tim Tales NATS: Joins and recurring payments are showing as $0 in stats and each individual join or recurring payment has to be clicked to see its value. The problem apparently started on November 2nd, before that everything was fine. Does anyone have any idea how to contact them?

Same for me. I will contact them now. I have sales and rebills but they have no value.

I was able to contact them through the contact form. They responded quickly and said they submitted a ticket to NATS support.

Same. And that it was some issue with a NATS update. I wonder if other programs are affected too.

You have to ask for and schedule updates with NATS, so probably pretty unlikely others got the same issue. We upgraded to the recent update a couple months ago for example without issue.

I still have zero sale and rebill on the November 3rd, 2023 - Are you seeing that as well ?