The purge has begun (amateur sites)

It seems the purge has begun. (and all sites of the network) now redirect to a more “legal” landing page. The same happened and all the site of the network.

I wonder what will happened to all other sites like

Actually the BF sites disappeared some time ago, they purged all their sites due to processing issues I think. But you’re question is valid will it affect any other similiar BF / amateur sites? So far it hasn’t.

While they weren’t so popular like 2010-2012 all WebClick properties (formerly AmaKings / 429Cash) were alive two weeks ago.

Many amateur sites owners lied about the source of their content. The deadline is October 2021.

Ah ok, well they told me in January that it was closing:

the domains will remain open, so that current members can still log in.

We are no longer able to offer any boyfriend type of sites.

I have had a couple of the models that were in galleries from that sponsor contact me and ask me nicely to remove them. They said they never gave consent for their images to be used online. Because these were girlfriend-type amateurs, I tend to believe them. I not only nicely removed their galleries, but let them know of any other places I knew of that had them. I have also removed that sponsor.

I always trust the sponsor has the correct documents on hand. If they are going to lie about it and brush off the consent forms, I don’t do business with them.