Talk me out of using Zombaio

There have been mixed opinions about Zombaio on this board and last summer it looks like they were having some payment issues, but putting those things aside, are there other reasons NOT to use them? Their fees still seem to be lower than CCBill and Epoch and they do not have that Visa start-up fee of $750 and $350 annually. And Zombaio is still around even though some people predicted they’d be gone by now.

Do you think porn consumers really pay attention to who the bill processor is and would not join a site if they saw it was Zombaio?

I suppose that one argument against Zombaio is that many affiliates prefer to promote CCBill and Epoch sites.

Then again, if its all about saving money…

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Surfers probably don’t care…

If you’re planning to rely on affiliates, it’s not smart to go with Zombaio, cause most won’t bother to sign up. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t promote Zombaio sites:

  • they charge insane amounts for checks
  • their stats can’t be viewed in any browser
  • their stats don’t load in Stats Remote
  • there are only a few sites that use Zombaio - so there’s no advantage of combining payouts from sponsors like there is with ccbill, epoch and verotel.

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Had a horrible experience with ZOM.

Icky customer service. they are a law to themselves.

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Its stats are poor, its expensive for affiliates to get paid, the support is bad, there have been payment problems…Do i need to go on?

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There are too many things stacked against a new site succeeded these days. Why purposely add to it? I looked at signing up to promote Mormon Boyz, which doesn’t exist anymore, and they used Zombaio as their process. But I think they were charging $30 for a webmaster to get a cheque, which means I’d have to sell two or three memberships just to pay the fee.

And on a different but similar note, I will not promote any program that uses DHD as their processor. I found their affiliate system so prehistorically difficult to navigate that I just seemed to go in circles when trying to get a link code. I gave up.

And Verotel’s stats are so so bad. They tell you get a sale but for what site or where it came from: guess. The only reason I use them is that Bentley Race sells well for me.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know you’re trying to save the $750 Visa fee (it is a business expense that you can claim on your taxes, you know) but by trying to take a shortcut with a lesser-known processor, you’ll probably end up with next to no affiliates, and you need them in the beginning.

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I didn’t mind paying Zombaio $10 for a wire, as I can receive them for free but I don’t like their new payout options almost forcing you to get a RedPass which also has fees attached to it. Then on top of that they hold some of your money 180 days which isn’t right.

DirtyBoyVideo uses DHD and I will NEVER promote another site that uses that DHD BS.

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Zombaio lost their merchant account last year. Scan the big forums to see what happened during that June period, rebills were missed for up to 2 months, payments were missed, scrub rates were up huge, it was a bloody disaster.

Here’s some of the emails that Zombaio sent out acknowledging some of their problems:

Monday, 6 June 2011 1:27 PM
Dear Customer,
We have a huge system that needs an upgrade in the backend. This is to inform you, that we are switching acquiring platform the coming week. Since there are many parts that needs to be verified pre-production, we are doing the switch part by part which is time consuming but reliable. We will begin the work 2011-06-07 and expect to be done 2011-06-15.
We are of course doing our best to keep al services up and running without disturbance, but from time to time we know that parts of the system will be affected.
Affected services may be, but are not limited to:

  • Visa Authorizations
  • MC Authorizations
  • Maestro Authorizations
  • Visa 3-D Secure Authorizations
  • MasterCard 3-D Secure Authorizations
  • ZOA (refunds)
  • Rebilling (possible time-shift but no downtime)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 7:39 AM
Dear Customer,
We currently have some issues with the scrubbing system which is not reacting as expected with the new acquiring platform. Therefore we need to close down the authorization system while we replace some code

Monday, 27 June 2011 12:14 PM
Dear Customer,
We have during our acquiring platform switch been running into issues where transactions were scrubbed (via the anti-fraud system) to a level that we could not accept. This also effected the rebills which resulted in a huge denial in the renewal authorization. Due to this, the management ordered to stop recurring transactions and re-run them when the scrubbing parameters were fixed.

Although I never used them for initial sales processing, I had rebills from a purchased site and I ended up losing ~40% of those rebills forever! IMHO, Zombaio are NOT to be trusted at this point. I say that based on years of experience with other fine processors like ibill, psw billing, probilling, acpay, egspay, ibill, globill, globosale (I am sure others can add more).

Best be safe when choosing a billing partner, I would recommend ccbill & epoch.

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As affiliate I do good with Zombaio
NiftyStats does pretty well with them
Plus u can get payed with no fee to theie RedPass

Click this link before you use them

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What are you using now?

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