Taking over old paysites

Lately I have found that some very huge programs from the past left many domains expiring.

Would it be a good idea register those domains and build pay sites out from them?

Thanks again!

I think it depends on the domain, really. Perhaps there is a reason they let them expire, either the niche was too difficult to produce content for or the site just wasn’t profitable. I think for the amount of money you have to invest in content to have a successful paysite these days, you might be better off using those domains as affiliate sites unless you really had a solid business plan.

Also beware (while I totally agree with dannyz on this one) you will also be buying any toxic backlinks or toxic “pagerank/spam score” ect the old program or site carried. I know google “forgets” things after a period of time but the saying “shit sticks” comes to mind when I think about buying something thats already failed. (also a point google “forgets” or resets in its algorithm anything that’s been dead, so if they have been dead a while any positive markers you might think your buying are already gone)

The Paysite industry is hard enough these days without adding someone else’s negative influence from years past.

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